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Jeff Russo, President


Stacy Clark Russo, Owner / Admin


Corporate Office

 736A  The Queensway
 Suite 67
 Toronto, Ontario                                                                                                                       Canada  M8Y 3Y2                                          

Phone: (416) 252 5700
Fax: (866) 316-2194


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Phoenix Fitness achieves Highest Single Day Personal Training Sales - $79,772!
River Valley Club 2000 Members - $2.7 million US annual PT Sales!
Cassie Armstead at the River Valley Club makes Largest Single PT Package Sale - $10,584
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Matt Verboom records the highest PT Renewal Sale at 300 sessions for $13,500
RVC's Wayne Burwell completes 239 PT One Hour Sessions Trained in a single month!
PT Dept Single Month Renewal Sales $196,341 -Athletic Club Guelph
Highest Single Month Sales by a Trainer -Christian Stoneman - Athletic Club Guelph -$42,566!
Highest Annual PT Sales 2.7 Million -River Valley Club 2017
$251,000 single month PT sales -Phoenix Fitness 2009
2,084 Sessions Trained in 2009 - Matt Verboom Athletic Club
Single Month FC Sales $69,849 Susan Burr Pumps Real Fitness for Women
2015 Annual Fitness Consultant Sales Record Susan Burr $430,872
$900,000 in PT Sales in 2015 for 12,000 square foot Pumps Real Fitness for Women
Opti Life Kansas $143,000 in PT Sales in New Club Opening Pre-Sales March 2018!
Northeast Fitness Quincy $159,776 in PT Sales 1st Month May 2018

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