New Pro Fitness Program Club on Pace for 600K

October 10, 2017

How does your club measure up?

Max Gellert opened his brand new 12,000 square foot women's only club in mid January. He designed his club, Blush Fitness (Overland Park, Kansas) so it had the physical appeal and equipment that members expect from a new club. He heard about the Pro Fitness Program during the planning phases and wanted a results based program that his members would embrace and one that would make recruiting trainers that much easier. He heard the revenue numbers it produced for other clubs across the country so he set his expectations fairly high. 

The Pro Fitness Program has exceeded their goals and expectations as they have sold over $202,000 (1 to 1 training) in just their first 4 months! The club is on pace to do over $600,000 in year one and expect to do substantially better in year two. 

"I've been a club owner before but never had a structured program like this to work with. We are enrolling over 30% of all members in 1 to 1 training which is something I never thought possible. Implementing this program was the best decison we ever made!" - Max Gellert, Owner -Blush Fitness

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