World Gym Joins Pro Fitness Program

June 18, 2018

We are extremely pleased to welcome World Gym in Indiana to the Pro Fitness Program group. Owner Bo DePaoli retained the consulting services of Al Tassel to set up his two locations in Shererville and Cedar Lake Indiana. This is the first time that the Pro Fitness Program has partnered up with a club in Indiana and we are looking forward to setting the gold standard for personal training business in that state. 

Al will be travelling to Shererville next week to interview candidates for the new Fitness Consultant position. The PFP is renowned for creating new full time fitness positions as well as increasing personal training hours to provide more full time employment. For the first time ever, World Gym will be offering an in depth fitness consultation and assessment to it's existing and new members. This will provide the member with the best initial educational experience in the industry, and will allow the club to prescribe the best possible solution and program to get their members ultimate success. 

We wish all the staff and management a very successful pre-launch and start to the program. We look forward to co -managing the program with you and reporting on your ongoing success. 

World Gym Indiana

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