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Who's Sitting In Your FC Office?

Posted May 21, 2009 in Blog

When the Pro-Fitness Program was initially launched at one of our client facilities in January of this year, we had established that two of the existing Personal Trainers would transition into the Fitness Consultant role. Of these two, one would be part time and the other would transition into a full time position. However, an issue became clear early on. Why would a Personal Trainer leave the relative financial security and stability of PT clients and Group Exercise for the performance driven pay structure of the FC office?

We had set some targets for the Program, the most important of which was a minimum of  fifty completed Fitness Consultations each month. At that number of appointments, any FC could earn very well, even if they are only closing at 15%. However, the lure of PT and group exercise was too much for the FC's who found themselves only completing an average of 20 appointments between the two of them. Failing to reach the target of 50 had a disastrous effect on the club's bottom line.

A Fitness Consultant must be a full time, designated sales position, completing 4-5 appointmnets per day, approached like  business. Do you have a sales professional in your FC office?

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Sean Walpole

Senior Business Consultant

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