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$271,772 in PT Sales for June - A New PFP Record

Posted July 06, 2009 in News, Blog

A successful personal training business is all about a combination of various sales elements that contribute to new sale and renewal business. Up until this month the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hamphshire held the PFP record in both areas. $199,000 in total department sales and $157,000 in renewal sales for a single month with a club of 2000 members.

When you consider that The Athletic Club in Guelph Ontario Canada is only in their second year with the Pro Fitness Program personal training sales system, and you add into the mix the month of June and a recession, you come up with the single greatest perfromance in PFP history. Fitness Director Ryan Flesch and his team of Consultants and Trainers wrote an incredible $271,772 in personal training sales for June with $196,341 coming from renewals.

Two of Ryan's Trainers broke the previous single month Trainer sales record of Chris Poljacik of the River Valley Club at $39,000. Chris Kopichanski wrote $41,342 with a combination of three 144 packs and two 72 packs. In the end, Chrisitian Stoneman set the new record with an amazing four 144 pack sales and a single 208 session sale to finish with $42,566!! Congratualtions to both of you; you are obvioulsy exceptional Trainers who know how to provide value, variety and entertainment, and who are not afraid to demand the best from your clients by asking for long term committed relationships that lead to real results for life.

The Athletic Club's Fitness Consultants Shine in June

In order for a personal training business to be outstanding it must rely heavily on new personal training sales. In the past we've had numerous Fitness Consultants from a club chain write some big numbers. Club Fit in Edmonton Alberta used the Pro Fitness Program to grow their personal training departments to well over $60,000 per month in each of their 5 locations. However at no time in history have we seen a performance like June 2009 at the Athletic Clubs.

In 5 different locations Fitness Consultants from the Athletic Clubs wrote over $20,000 each in new personal training business. Jeff Steinmetz from the Brantford club led the way with $31,232 followed closely by FC Andrew Durand from the North location at $31,173. Lisa Dawn Murison at the North location wrote an impressive $30,950 with Barb DeCook from Amherstburg with $25,525 and Jordan Sharpe from the South location at $23,078 rounding up the record month.

These clubs are in a variety of different markets with vast differences in demographics and size and yet the consistency of performance is a testament to the number one personal training sales system in the world today and the only one guaranteed to grow your personal training business beyond belief!

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