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Top 5 Personal Training Renewal Tips

Posted February 16, 2010 in Blog

Have you ever wondered why some Trainers renew their clients consistently and for large packages that can often exceed 200 sessions? The obvious answers involve great personality and energy, consistency and professionalism as well as getting the client results. These are of course very important variables in the process but I can guarantee you that if you utilize these 5 suggestions you will immediately double your renewal percentage as well as your package size.

Sell Time Slots

If you want to maximize your earning potential you have to control your schedule. Never make the mistake of leaving open ended appointments and allowing your client to call you when they are available. You need to dictate the terms of the relationship from the start and get your client in the habit of training at the same time on set days. It's easier for them to remember and it ensures that you have maximum availability for new clients. If an individual is conditioned to working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am, think how much easier it will be to let them know that they need to book more appointments to maintain their time slot because your Fitness Consultant has informed you that there are a few new clients who would like to work out with you during that hour.

Dictate the Terms of the Training Relationship

I know numerous Trainers who work under the Pro Fitness personal training system that have six figure incomes because they simply dictate to their clients how business will be conducted. Some of them have put themselves in a position to take only clients who work out 3 times per week. They emphasize that their success relies on the fact that clients attain results and therefore they need full commitment in terms of training frequency and consistency. Many Trainers will not allow clients to cancel more than once per 12 sessions with notice. In fact our Pro Fitness personal training agreements have several clauses built in that we require the member to initial to ensure their commitment and success. It's not beyond some of our elite Trainers to fire their clients who cancel frequently. If you're clear from the start you're going to develop a reputation for being serious and you will have a client base who will be getting amazing results, renewing more frequently and referring more friends as a result of their success.

Provide Information Prior to the Renewal

With our personal training business system, our Fitness Consultants are trained to sell periodization programs, or in simple terms phases of training. A successful Trainer should provide a road map of the phases and routines that will take a person to their goal at the beginning of their first session. Regardless of how many sessions the client has committed to the focus should still be on the bigger picture. With 3 - 5 sessions remaining prior to the renewal, a Trainer should be handing the client information on the next phase of the program that outlines what the client can expect in terms of routines and results. This will give them time to take the information home, digest it and start imagining what the next step will look like in terms of goals and results. They will be far better prepared to accept your renewal offer when the time comes.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I just finished a 2- day training seminar at the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hampshire. Cindy Summer, their top Trainer in 2009 for most sessions completed, shared her secret of success with the group. The fact that she is a group exercise and pilates instructor in combination with her numerous personal training certifications allow her to bring a variety of workouts and experiences to her clients. The routines and workouts are always changing and the client is the ultimate winner in terms of acquiring strength, flexibility, function, endurance, etc., and most of all the variety to keep things fresh and exciting. This is one of the reasons why our company is a huge proponent of the Movement Training Specialist Certification Program that provides a dynamic and exciting new way to train and progress clients. From a business standpoint the workouts are unique and attract members who are typically used to training on equipment. Click here for more information on the MTS model that will easily boost your new and renewal personal training sales.

Assume the Renewal Sale

 Have a personal training agreement completely filled out on the day you're going to ask for the renewal sale. If you did your homework and prepared them with information on the next stage of their training, the client is more prepared and will not be surprised by your assumptive approach. I can't begin to tell you how this one tip alone has easily doubled renewals for Trainers in our PFP clubs. Simply hand them the agreement prior to the start of your session and ask them to authorize the next phase of their training program. And please, whatever you do, have a system in place like our on line web based PFP Track program that easily identifies when clients are up for renewal with at least 3 sessions remaining. Don't wait until the final session to ask for the renewal because if the client needs some time to think about it, as many do, you have no follow up appointments to ensure that you get another chance to finalize the package.


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