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Personal Training Certification Course

Posted April 26, 2010 in News, Blog

On June 12th and 13th at the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hampshire, the Pro Fitness Program will be hosting a Movement Training Specialist seminar and certification course.

We have had a tremendous amount of interest in the MTS Program both in Canada and the Eastern USA for two very important reasons. First of all the majority of Trainers that we initially work with have a very difficult time defining functional training and are not 100% clear on how to properly train and progress a client through the various plains of motion through stretching, plyometrics and resistance training exercises. MTS defines function as the complex integration of joints moving, proprioceptors facilitating and muscles reacting, all at the same time in all 3 plains of motion. It's seldom that I encounter Trainers who have a structured, long term program to address all of these areas with different populations. The MTS Certification will give you the tools, confidence and support to accomplish this.

Secondly, MTS Trainers have an amazing renewal percentage which is often attributed to the variety in their exercise routines, the results they get their clients, and the absolute differentiation in training techniques from typical machine based routines. Any owner should value what this type of program can add to a bottom line personal training business so feel free to get them on board to support your education. Click here for more information on the program and how to register. Don't forget to mention that you're a PFP client for additional savings!!

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Personal Training Newsletter Jan 2010

Posted April 08, 2010 in News, Blog

We have been sending out our monthly newsletter and rankings of our top fitness club performers for the past 3 years through email attachments. Moving forward we will be posting the PFP News on this web site and sending the link to our clients. We would suggest that staff and management simply register their email and contact information on the home page of this site to receive updates on a regular basis. We want to be able to combine all of our monthly sales, marketing and management tips to improve personal training sales with our newsletters in one central location. At the same time we are encouraging all of our users to repsond with questions and suggestions and enter into discussions with other Fitness Consultants, Personal Trainers and Fitness Directors. Why not start today.

Click on the PDF File below and enjoy the Pro Fitness Program Newsletter for January 2010. You can also save a copy to your computer to distribute in your clubs. Congratulations to our top performers and facilities.. 2010 is turning out to be an incredible year for personal training sales with this amazing  personal training business system!!

Jan PFP News (.pdf, 895.8 KB)

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Fitness Consultation Shows

Posted April 08, 2010 in News, Blog

On our recent visit to Penfield Fitness in Rochester NY, the topic of getting clients to show up for the annual consultation program was discussed. Although clients are investing $90 for four 90 minute consultations, very few are coming back for their second assessment and even less are attending the final two appointments. Remember that the consultation fee is designed to cover the cost of exposing members to our personal training services. In addition, the consultation program is our service guarantee to the client that we are going to follow up with them, keep them motivated while continuing to prescribe the best possible solutions to help them achieve their fitness goals through concrete data and gym floor assessments. Here are some very important tips to maximize the client's experience with the program that we have developed as a result of valuable feedback from our Pro Fitness group of fitness facilities.

 Build More Value in the Consultation Journal

 Membership Representatives must make a commitment to go through the entire journal with members to outline the significance of the assessments, gym floor analysis and periodization prescription sheets. The member should be made aware that they will be able to take ownership of the journal at the end of their 4th consultation and it will be an outstanding record of their progress and work at the facility over the course of the year. It's as valuable as any personal training log book or record keeping system that Trainers use with their clients. Let the client know that they will be handed the journal, in person, after completing the final consultation and will have the option of registering for another round of assessments for the following year. It will also allow us to clean out our final cabinets to make room for the new members.

 Shorten Up the time Between Assessments

 Traditionally we have promoted a 90 day gap between the 4 consultations. These periods have been shown to be too long to keep people engaged and serviced. All IHRSA studies indicate that the first 8 weeks of a client's membership experience is the most crucial time for satisfaction and retention. Therefore, book the second consultation at the 8-week period and then the third and fourth appointments in either 8 week intervals or continue with the 90 day period. If the client comes in for the second appointment and establishes some comparative data, the value should be built to ensure a better show ratio for the remaining appointments.

 Book all Appointments at the Membership Sale

 Have the Membership Representatives book all 4 consultation appointments at the point of sale and then printout the schedule on PFP Track and include it in the new member package. Assume the same day and time as the first appointment and don't worry if changes have to be made down the road. Fitness Consultants will be contacting the members a couple of weeks prior to these appointments to confirm and changes can be made at that time. At least all appointments will be visible in the Monthly Consultation Appointment Report for easy follow up. The member will take more ownership if they see that it is a structured program that we take seriously from day one. Once again remember to book appointment number two in 60 not 90 days.

 Create a Contact System in between Appointments

 Ensure that Membership Reps are entering complete contact information for each client in PFP Track to include phone numbers and email. Make personal notes about the client in the client profile section and then decide on a series of emails and phone calls in between appointments. The first email should be a thank you from the Membership Rep that includes a link to profitnessmember.com and a reminder to the client to read the FAQ page. It should also remind them that they can use the site to compare their assessment data printout to national norms and standards. After the consultation the Fitness Consultant must send out another email to the client if they do not purchase personal training between the third and fourth week to ask how they are progressing, indicating that they are looking forward to the second consultation while including some useful information on the benefits of resistance training, progressive workouts, intensity, variety or anything else that helps the client understand the value of working with a coach.

 Have a Strong Promotional Offer

 At the time of the initial consultation the client should be offered a coupon that will be activated if and when they complete their 4th consultation. I would suggest a $90 voucher that can be used for the purchase of any personal training service to include a second year of assessments at no charge. How motivating would it be for a client to know that if they stay consistent and complete our program that they will basically get the whole year of assessments at no cost? It also tells them that we are committed to servicing them and that this service is not about making money but being committed to their success. I would be overjoyed if I could get even 35% of all my members completing all the consultations in year one and then getting them committed to another round in year two. Think of the multiple opportunities to educate them and present coaching and also think of the retention benefits to that kind of service. If in the end you make no money of your consultation fees but accomplish these two goals you're way ahead of the game.


Jeff Russo

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