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Personal Training Newsletter April 2010

Posted May 06, 2010 in News, Blog

April's Pro Fitness Program Newsletter features an important article on the music tariff that has the potential to put many clubs out of business. Find out what our organization and Pro Fitness Program club owners are doing about it and how you can make a difference.

April was also a record setting month for several of our clients with one of our Fitness Consultants achieving a 90% success ratio in the consultation office. Click on the newsletter below for all of the latest standings and totals.

With our new format and information delivery system we encourage you to provide comments and suggestions each time you receive information and updates.

April 2010 PFP News (.pdf, 493.7 KB)

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8 Successful Tips for your Personal Training Demo

Posted May 05, 2010 in News, Blog

1. Preparation equals Professionalism. 

If you go in for any dentist or doctor's appointment the receptionist will immediately obtain your file for the Doctor to review and add notes to prior to making any kind of prescription. Similarly a good demo starts with the Trainer reviewing the client's fitness consultation journal and any Fitness Consultant / Trainer transitional note sheets. To take it one step further, a Trainer should speak with the Consultant prior to each demo to get a better understanding of what the client's driving wants are and what the major stumbling block is in terms of committing to one of the packages. During the demo the Trainer should have the consultation journal on their clip board and should be adding appropriate notes to the file to assist in the second sales presentation or to use as follow up during the next presentation. (Read More)