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Personal Training Newsletter October 2010

Posted November 08, 2010 in News, Blog

Click on the PDF below to read all about our top performers for the month of October. In this month's edition of the PFP News you''ll get updates on the the latest developments of PFP Track version 2 including plans to transfer a number of our current clients to the new platform. We welcome back Sports and Fitness Edge from Burlington Vermont to the PFP organization and look forward to having their 3 clubs in our monthly totals.

If you're struggling with getting all of your staff on board to sell the consultation program and to promote education, knowledge and results, the PFP Tip of the Month is a must read. Please feel free to post comments and feedback below so we can help you increase your personal training business.

  October 2010 PFP News (.pdf, 325.1 KB)


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