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Personal Training Newsletter December 2010

Posted January 17, 2011 in News, Blog

Click on the PDF below to get all the statistics on how many of our Pro Fitness Program clubs performed in the final month of the year. 

I know everyone is interested in which Trainer finished with the most sessions trained and it really did go down to the wire! Also check out the write up on the stages of change and required conditions for a personal training department to grow. 

  Dec 2010 PFP News (.pdf, 253.7 KB)


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New York Times Promotes Hiring a Personal Trainer

Posted January 09, 2011 in News, Blog

On December 13th, 2010 the New York Times ran an article on how important it is for clients to hire Trainers both for knowledge and safety. Thanks to Elizabeth Asch, the owner of the River Valley Club in New Hamphsire, for bringing this to our attention.

Click here for the full article. I would recommend you print off the 2 pages and make them a part of your testimonial book and your sales process. In addition, take note of the way the Fitness Director Jen Poljacik teaches her team to promote and sell the fitness consultation and personal training. "It is my moral responsibility to sell you something that works for you." Start living and practicing your core values in 2011!

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