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World Gym to Host Pro Fitness Solutions Workshop

Posted April 27, 2012 in Blog, News

On Friday May 18th, 2012 World Gym in Kithener Ontario will be hosting the 2012 Pro Fitness Solutions Workshop. This event is limited to Pro Fitness Program clients with a maximum of 6 employees per organization. 

The seminars and roundtable workshops will offer education and networking opportunities for Personal Trainers, Fitness Consultants and Club Owners and Managers.

If you require accomodations we have put together a special rate which includes complimentary breakfast at the Radison Hotel located within 5 minutes of World Gym. Click here to make reservations and mention that you are with the Pro Fitness Group. 


Here is an outline of the events followed by bios on our presenters. 


Full Group

8AM - Morning workout hosted by World Gym followed by a complimentary protein shake and Tim Horton's coffee 

10AM - An Introduction by Pro Fitness President Jeff Russo


Fitness Consultants and Personal Trainers

10:30AM - Effective Rapport Building Skills by Elaina Bahm

11:30AM - How to Successfully Sell off the Floor by Matt Stirling

12:30PM - Lunch sponsored by Pro Fitness Consulting

Afternoon Sessions are 2 separate roundatble discussion groups for Personal Trainers and Fitness Consultants

1:30 -3:30PM - Successful Fitness Consulting Strategies facilitated by Diana Cumming

1:30 -3:30PM - Successful Personal Training Strategies facilitated by Andy Nye


Full Group

3:30 - 4:00PM - Break

4:00 - 5:30PM - Accountability and Team Building Exercise for clubs to meet with their team to announce action items coming out of the conference


Club Owners and Managers

10:30AM - How to Motivate and Retain Employees by Kelvin Galbraith

11:30AM - The Death of the Membership Model by Jeff Russo

1:30PM - What Should a Club Owner be Focusing on? by Kelvin Galbraith


Our Pro Fitness Presenters

Elaina Bahm  


Kelvin Galbraith

Kelvin Galbraith opened The Fitness Firm in 1998 with his wife Kerri in the Aldershot area of Burlington Ontario. They have grown the business to 1100 members with 30 employees in a 10,000 square foot facility. They have been averaging over $400,000 per year in PT Sales. He credits much of his success to recognizing what he doesn't know and hiring those that do know. Having used 4 different marketing companys, a business coach, mangement and fitness industry consultants, he has been able to maintain a profitable business in a very competitive geographic area. Kelvin is a dedicated father of 4 children and coaches both ice hockey and baseball year round. Since 2004 Kelvin has been a leader in the Aldersot BIA and Chamber of Commerce allowing him to become an expert in networking with local business leaders to establish The Fitness Firm as a reputable club in a growing market. 


Diana Cummings

Diana Cumming has been working in the fitness industry since 1998. She started as a certified group fitness instructor and then developed into an experienced and energetic Personal Trainer. She is continuously at the top of her organization in terms of most sessions trained each month even though she maintains a rigourous schedule as The Fitness Firm's only Fitness Consultant. Diana is always at the top of the FC standings in the Pro Fitness monthly newsletter and maintains over a 40% closing ratio. She consistantly sells very large packages of personal training between 36 and 144 sessions which is probably one of the reasons she was the 2010 Fitness Consultant of the Year. Diana is really looking forward to leading the FC workshop and sharing so many of the tips that have made her one of the best in her profession. 


Andy Nye

Andy Nye is the Fitness Director of Penfield Fitness and Racquet Club in Rochester New York. 



Matt Stirling

Matt Stirling is a full time Master Trainer, Movement Training Specialist and Fitness Director and Co-Owner of Performance Fitness in Chatham Ontario. Nothing is more satisfying to Matt than helping someone change their lifestyle, compete for the first time, win a title, improve their athletic skills, recover from a surgery or accident or just learn the basics of proper health fitness and nutrition. His recent contest history and achievments include the 2011 WBFF 1st place World Bodybuilding Champion, the 2009 WBFF British Columbia 2nd overall, and the 2008 Pro Fitness Program Trainer of the Year with over 1800 one hour sessions trained. Matt is also an accomplished Fitness Consultant who is able to sell at 50% whether he is in the office or on the gym floor. Whether you're an employee or sub contract Trainer in one of our clubs you don't want to miss Matt's seminar on successful sales tips off the workout floor. 

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Marketing 21 Day Fitness Study

Posted April 19, 2012 in News, Blog

I wanted to share will all of you a successful marketing piece that has worked exceptionally well with three of our Pro Fitness Program clubs. I also want to make very clear that if you are going to use this piece you must go through Susan K Bailey at Club Ads. They are the creators of this program and must receive full recognition and compensation from anyone using this promotion. Several of our clubs use their agency on a regular basis and they are very pleased with the level of service and results they are receiving. As I've always preached, give your business to organizations and individuals who specialize in one thing only for a long period of time. For us, we're the best in the world in one on one personal training sales and have done nothing else for the last 12 years. 

I want to share with you some findings and observations from Kelvin Galbraith who owns the Fitness Firm in Burlington Ontario regarding this direct mail piece. Club Ads mailed out 10,000 of these two sides flyers in March. They literally sold out their 50 spots within 4 days. I got the same response from owner Barney Kuntze from Pinacle Fitness in Milverton Ontario. That's amazing when you consider how poor most unaddressed mail pieces have performed in the last few years.

Because our clubs use our Pro Fitness Program they had no problem offering these individuals a mini fitness consultation and 3 free PT Demos. They charged $30 for the study and offered a full refund in the end if the clients used the facility three times per week and did not attain some basic measurable results. They could also apply the fee towards the purchase of a membership. Now what can you measure in only 21 days? Simple, the Fitness Firm had a basic intake and outtake form that looked at energy levels and if their sleep improved. Each client was given a special colored workout card that they handed back to the front desk after each workout. This way staff could easily identify them and go out of their way to service them and make them feel comfortable.  

Kelvin wanted to remind us that you should never offer that same marketing program more than twice per year and run them around the same months


21 Day Fitness Study front

21 Day Fitness Study back


Jeff Russo

Best in the World in PT Sales

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Personal Training Newsletter March 2012

Posted April 13, 2012 in News, Blog

Welcome to another edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see all of the club statistics from March.

This month's issue features a discussion on how to get your Trainers to maximize the number of sessions trained each month by creating fitness challenges amongst clients. We welcome the addition of Bodykinetics from Mill Valley California to the totals. Find out more about the upcoming Pro Fitness Solutions workshop at World Gym in May. 

We always welcome your comments and suggestions below


March 2012 PFP News (.pdf, 252.2 KB)

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