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Club Insider Features Pro Fitness Program

Posted June 27, 2012 in News, Blog

The June 2012 issue of the Club Insider features an in depth article on the history and success of the River Valley Club and the contribution of the Pro Fitness Program to the club's amazing growth. Click on the PDF below to read the full article. 

I had the opportunity of being interviewed by Norm Cates from Marietta Georgia over the phone for this article, and in the process, discovered his amazing background and contribution to the industry. Norm is a 38 year veteran of the fitness industry and owned a chain of clubs in the Atlanta area that expanded throughout the Southeastern United States. He was the co-founder of IHRSA (then IRSA) in 1981 and served as the first President. In 1993 he established the Club Insider with its main mission to help club owners and operators professionalize their clubs and gain the trust and business of their community. 

I believe our core values resonate with his mission statement and I want to thank him for allowing me to share my program and the unique way that we are impacting fitness club organizations and communities like the River Valley Club in terms of building fitness careers and getting clients and communities outstanding fitness results. 

I believe the Club Insider is truly unique in its approach and really differentiates itself from other publications. Not only is the content relevant for business improvement, but the articles themselves have tremendous detail and go into far more depth than anything else I've seen. If you're a club owner I highly recommend that you subscribe to this publication and make the time to work on your business by absorbing and implementing many of the nuggets you'll receive in the publication from seasoned veterans, consultants and fellow operators. Online subscription to Club Insider is easy by going to www.clubinsideronline.com and clicking on Subscribe. Paid subscribers receive 12 printed monthly editions, plus they gain access to seven years of Archived Club Insider Editions, 84 months......that's access to 96 monthly editions for just $49!


Club Insider Article June 2012 (.pdf, 1.8 MB)

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River Valley Club does 2 Million in Personal Training Sales in 2011

Posted June 16, 2012 in News, Blog

How would you like to have an independent fitness club with just over 2,000 members sell 2 Million in Personal Training in a single year? That's exactly what the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hampshire did in 2011 with the Pro Fitness Program. Over 90% of that revenue came from single one hour sessions!

Club owner Joseph Asch has been so supportive since bringing me down for the first time in March of 2000 to start teaching the staff the personal training sales system. He taught me that successful business consulting was far more than a one time visit and that leaving some sales training manuals behind would never suffice. Of course he was correct, and it changed the course of our company and the way that we do business. When I arrived in March of 2000 the club did a total of $69,000 i in personal training sales the previous year. With Joe's advice, I started to visit the facility four times per year to work with every department in the club. 

The biggest turning point for the success of the program came when Jen Poljacik took over the Fitness Director Position. She was the perfect fit for the program with her passion and core values matching precisely what our program stood for. By having a champion and leader in the club the program flourished. It is one of the reasons I am so happy to have Jen now consulting for our company and teaching other organizations what it takes to grow a PT Department to record levels. 

In 2011, Jen Karr Muzzey took over the reigns of the PT Department with Jen Poljacik moving into the COO position. That combination was lethal, and in the end they did $2,015,902 in personal training sales. Not only did Jen Karr manage the department but she added $71,694 in renewal sales. Tim Marsh did $142,065 in renewal sales and ended up as our Trainer of the Year. Ryan Jennings finished with $120,725 and Chris Poljacik rounded it out with $120,151. Not bad for a club that only had 5 part- time Trainers struggling to make a living in 2000. The Fitness Consulting team of Cassie Armstead and Chris Acker combined to write over $250,000 out of their consultation office. 

I guarantee that any club, no matter what market will have a penetration rate of 15 - 25% of all members doing personal training if they follow our system. Your PT and Membership Rates might be lower but that will not change your averages in terms of having 30% of all new members purchasing a PT package with 5 days of joining your club. Your Trainer will be able to have full time rewarding positions within months of taking on this program and your club retention will increase dramatically. Click here to check out our testimonial page of club owners and ask yourself what possible reason you could have for not implementing this program in your facility.

Check out articles coming out this summer in Club Insider and CBI on the success of the River Valley Club and the Pro Fitness Program. 

Jeff Russo

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Personal Training Newsletter April May 2012

Posted June 08, 2012 in News, Blog

Welcome to another edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see all of our club statistics for April and May. 

This month's issue features a recap of the Pro Fitness Solution Workshop at World Gym in Kitchener on May 18th. We welcome Pumps Real Fitness for Women to our organization and look at their record setting first month with the program. In the PFP Tips of the Month read about our newest analogy for selling the annual consultation as well as one of the best 30 second commercials ever recorded to promote personal training. 

We welcome your comments and suggestions below.


April May 2012 PFP News (.pdf, 1.3 MB)

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Pumps Fitness Increases Personal Training Sales by 550%

Posted June 03, 2012 in News, Blog

Pumps Real Fitness for Women in Wakefield Massachusetts has a membership base of 1400. In their first month with the Pro Fitness Program they increased their personal training sales from a best ever $6,000 to an incredible $39, 381! That's a 550% increase delivering on the promise we make to all clients who follow our system precisely. 

Owner's Al and Sharon Tassel are ecstatic about the program and were both instrumental in conducting a solid pre launch and marketing campaign prior to the arrival of the Pro Fitness Consulting team. In fact, it was the most successful pre launch in our company history. Al was extremely attentive to every detail leading up to our training and updated all of his internal and external marketing to promote the program. 

As a result, in their first month, the club sold 61 fitness consultations to new and existing members with only 5 initial consultations and 56 annual consultations at $90 each. Their Fitness Consultants sold a series of new personal training packages ranging from 12 sessions to 96 sessions with only 3 days of in club training support from our team which included Rob Gagnon and Cassie Armstead. Congratulations for an outstanding effort and we look forward to continuing to support your organization in the years to come. 

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