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2012 Pro Fitness PT Conference New England

Posted September 24, 2012 in News


On Thursday October 11th, 2012 the Pro Fitness Program will he hosting its annual New England Personal Training workshop and conference at the beautiful Cedardale Health and Fitness complex in Haverill MA.  The event will commence at 7:30am until 4pm and will feature some of our top Trainers, Fitness Cosnultants and Fitness Directors. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by our generous sponsors. 


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Attedendance at our 2012 New England PFP Conference qualifies for .6 NASM CEUs!







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2012 Pro Fitness PT Conference New England



8:30 - 9:00

Opening Remarks

Jeff Russo, Pro Fitness Program President


9:00 - 10:15

The Guest Register, Tour & Pre-Framing the Consultation ( Membership Track )

Katelyn Hill


Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them ( Consultant Track )

Cassie Armstead & Chris Acker

"What went wrong that the client didn't buy training?"  If you have asked yourself this before, then this course is necessary for you.  It will give you the tips and tricks you need to sell personal training and get the member the much needed help that they deserve, and the sale that you do! 


Relationships, Renewals and Retention  ( PT Track )

Jenn Karr Muzzey

Learn about strategies to acquire lifetime training clients with the gift of building solid, effective relationships with club members.  This is a discussion of how to inspire trainers to achieve high retention rates, renew large training packages, and keep a full training schedule. 


10:30 - 12:00

The Front Lines - Selling the Consultations! ( Membership Track )

Trish Tryon

This seminar will talk you through the front line sale of the consultation, the biggest objections and how to overcome them, and the one word that will help you sell the most consults!  We will also discuss when a consult is not being sold, and necessary PT questions at the membership point of sale.  Open discussion, question and answer time to follow.


Effective Use of the PT Demo? ( Consultant Track )

Rob Gagnon

Are you having trouble selling PT from a PT Demo?  Do you feel as though your presentation is too 'sale-sy?'  Join us in this session to learn how to effectively sell personal training from the PT Demo and improve your closing ratio!


Are You Selling Personal Training?  What's Your Problem? ( PT Track )

Jen Poljacik

Not necessarily YOUR problem - what is your client's 'problem'?  First rule in selling PT is to know that we sell solutions.  The best way to sell a solution to a potential client is to discover what their 'problem' is!  In this fun, interactive session we will discuss how to ask the right questions, and strategies behind selling off the floor, PT demos and asking for the renewal.


1:00 - 2:30

Small Group Breakout Sessions ( Club Owners & Managers)

Jeff Russo & Jen Poljacik

Small group breakout sessions to discuss individual clubs and their last 3 year's KPIs, comparisons for individual clubs, future projections and selection of new PFP clubs for the next two years of consulting.


1:00 - 2:15

Using PFP Track 2 ( Membership & Consultation Tracks )

Rob Gagnon & Cassie Armstead

PFP Track 2 is the newest web based personal training tracking program!  During this session, we will educate you on the 'ins and outs' of this powerful program!  From entering clients to receiving confirmation texts and emails, we will guide you on how to best utilize this amazing software!


 Part 1:  Program Design for Functional Training for Life ( PT Track)

Chris Poljacik

Every client that starts an exercise program has muscular imbalances in varying degrees, that will inhibit their ability to get the maximum benefit from their exercise program.  It is our job as fitness professionals to identify these imbalances and prescribe corrective exercises.  This will give your client a solid foundation to work from thus creating successful progression and injury-free training. 

Part 1 of this seminar will discuss common muscular imbalances and simple assessment techniques used to identify them.


2:30 - 3:30

Maybe It's Time For A New Business Model ( Club Owners / Membership Track )

Will Phillipps

When skilled people work hard and their business is not growing double digits something is amiss.  Clubs are in a different environment than they were 10 or 15 years ago.  Hyper competition; slow-no growth economy; 24 Hour drops all sales commissions.

This session will look at competitive strategy and how to formulate it.  For some clubs, a new business model is a powerful solution to restart growth.  Driving personal training in the PFP mode is a new business model.


How To Develop The Proper Prescription ( Consultant Track )

Chris Acker & Cassie Armstead

Go BIG or go HOME!  It's not all in the package size, it's also in what you say to get them to say "YES!"  We will cover how and what you should, and shouldn't do to ensure that the client buys personal training from you.  Course warning:  Role playing will be used. 


Part 2:  Program Design for Functional Training for Life ( PT Track )

Chris Poljacik

Every client that starts an exercise program has muscular imbalances in varying degress, that will inhibit their ability to get the maximum benefit from their exercise program.  It is our job as fitness professionals to identify these imbalances and prescribe corrective exercises.  This will give your client a solid foundation to work from thus creating successful progression and injury-free training.

Part 2 of this seminar will cover the corrective strategies and the progressions used to balance the body.


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Presenter Bios


Chris Acker 

Chris Acker

Chris first started working at the RVC in 2001, after having already been a member and personal training client since 1998.  He started off working part time at the front desk, and quickly moved up in the company until finding his niche in the membership department and as a fitness consultant.  Chris' start in the health club industry couldn't have been at a better time, as the RVC had just begun working with Jeff Russo's Pro Fitness Program.  From customer service to sales and more, Chris was fortunate enough to have Jeff as a teacher and mentor, and was able to witness how PFP can transform a health club into a professional, successful and well oiled machine.



Cassie Armstead 

Cassie Armstead

Cassie is a Senior Fitness Consultant for the River Valley Club.  She is also the Assistant Fitness Director with a myriad of experience in how to administrate the Pro Fitness Program.  She is consistently at the top of the sales totals each month with an average closing ratio of 45%.  Her ability to build rapport and educate clients on the benefits associated with the Fitness Consultation result in Cassie selling personal training packages of 48 - 144 sessions on a regular basis.  She is a tremendous addition to the Pro Fitness Consulting Team and is guaranteed to educate and motivate Fitness Consultants.



Rob Gagnon

 Rob Gagnon

As a licensed and certified Athletic Trainer for the past 12 years, Rob enjoys guiding his clients from injury to recovery and beyond.  Rob is a former Board Member and Past President of the New England Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (NEHRSA).  Before joining the team at Manchester Athletic Club, Rob worked as a clinical Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Performance at The University of Michigan - Med Sport Sports Medicine / Physical Therapy Clinic.  During this time, Rob developed programs geared towards preventing injuuries and working with elite athletes.  

Rob works with all levels of athletes ranging from the beginner to fitness through to pro athletes.  Rob has had the privilege of working with National Cyclocross Champion Tim Johnson and his wife, Lyne Bessett Johnson who is a former Canadian Olympian in Cycling and is currently training for the 2013 Paralympics where she is a guide for a blind cyclist.  He has also had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mountain Bike National Champion, Matt O"Keefe and Actress Salma Hayek.  Rob received his BA from Colby-Sawyer College and his MA from Western Michigan University.


Katelyn Hill

Katelyn currently serves as the Membership Director and Personal Training Manager at the Manchester Athletic Club.  Her career in fitness and sales began in 2004 after graduating from Westfield State University with a degree in Movement Science.  Katelyn's passion for sales and business development lead her to a position working as a Business Development Manager for Sandals and Beaches Resorts.  After 5 years in the travel industry, Katelyn decided to return to fitness and joined the MAC team.  As a Fitness Consultant and part-time Membership Sales Consultant, while completing her M.Ed in Health, Family and Consumer Science at Cambridge College, Katelyn's responsibilities continued to increase and today she plays a pivotal role in daily operations and strategic planning for the organization.



Jenn Karr 

Jen Karr Muzzey

A mentor of Jen's instilled "you can't take it with you so go hard until you cannot do it anymore" several years ago when she was in training.  With many years in the fitness industry under her belt, holding roles from group fitness instructor to personal trainer , these words she truly lives by.

The journey begins with a passion for fitness and a knack for inspiring individuals to create their own path to sweet success with their minds and bodies.  A great motivator and innovator, jenn holds multiple certifications including CSCS, MTS, NASM-PES and USA Weightlifing Certification.  A team leader with an impressive background in competitive team sports, swimming and marathon running, she is RVC's Fitness Director, a Master Personal Trainer and massive fitness enthusiast.  Jen seeks out versatility in her training clients and peers, as leading the Spinning Program and coordinating athletes in the Sports Performance Center attest to her multifaceted apporach to 'Living the Dream'

In 2011, Jen's talented team of trainers were able to profit over $2 million in personal training sales, awarding them the PFP Personal Training Team of the Year!  They have set their sights higher for 2012, shooting for $2.1 million and going strong!


Will Phillips 

Will Phillipps

Ultimately - everything.  Will is the founder and CEO of REX Roundtables for Executives. However, he is on the road to retiring in 2015.  His focus is to build a virtual REX team that is strong, complimentary and resilient so thier client base continues to grow, and remain in REX until they retire.  His special talent for REX is based on consulting experience with about 800 organizations in 34 industries + non profits and government in 9 countries over 45 years PLUS his avid reading of management / business / human research in relevant books, magazines and specialized journals to extract significant ideas, insights, tools, and methods that are relevant to their members.  Then to convert them into digestible chunks, re purposed for the club industry that give their members powerful points of leverage to achieve the REX Purpose.  His purpose in life is to teach - show people how to improve their work and life.  He is likely to continue pursuing his purpose and talent with REX indefinitely - as Eddie Tock becomes CEO and the team below allows REX to prosper and each person to realize their own talents and goals.



Chris Poljacik

Chris Poljacik

Chris holds a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine from Castleton State College and is certified as an Athletic Trainer (NATA) and a Personal Trainer (NSCA).  Chris has devoted the last 20 years toward the study of human movement.  Through education and experience, he has developed a systematic apporach to assess, correct and enhance an individual's function.  He created the Movement Training Specialist certification to give trainers the ability to effectively assess and train clients with a variety of goals such as:  acute / chronic injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation, posture, strength, mobility, sports performance and people who simply want to live an active, pain-free lifestyle.  Chris is the ultimate teacher and mentor.  His success is based on intelligent exercise progression and variety.  The MTS goal for all whom we train is to MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER.


Jen Poljacik 

Jen Poljacik

Jenn is not new to the fitness industry.  Her experience ranges from Group Exercise, Personal Training, Membership Sales and Management.  Through her successful leadership, the River Valley Club's Personal Training Department has grown into the number one revenue producing program in New England, earning over 2 Million dollars in Personal Training sales in 2011 with only 2000 members.  She is not only a Master Trainer and the Co-owner of The Movement Training Specialist Certification company, MTS, but also the current COO of the River Valley Club.


Jeff Russo 

Jeff Russo

Jeff is the creator and co-owner of the Pro Fitness Program with his wife Stacy Clark Russo.  He started in the Fitness Industry in 1986 as a Personal Trainer and then quickly made the shift to the business and sales side of the industry as Membership Coordinator, Club Manager and Club Owner.  In 1998, he had a vision to change the way that clubs conducted business and developed a mission to help independent club owners to move away from selling just memberships to insisting on providing education, results and knowledge.  The Pro Fitness Program came into being, and has since helped over 60 clubs change their entire business model thereby increasing personal training and club retention while providing more challenging and rewarding full time fitness careers.  jeff is an outstanding motivational speaker and has been a regular presenter at NEHRSA and Can Fit Pro.  He is the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of the Navigators of Canada and the proud father of Sydney and Connor. jeffr@profitnessprogram.com     416.252.7800


Trish Tryon 

Trish Tryon

After growing up in Laconia, NH and graduating from Plymouth State College in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Wellness Management, Trish made the move out west to Colorado.  After meeting her husband Mark and having a lifetime's worth of fun, they decided to move back to NH to start a family.  It was at this time that she decided she needed to make a change in her life.

Trish became a group fitness instructor in 2010 and was a constant presence at the club.  When the membership coordinator position opened up, Tom Oakley, the owner of LASC, offered her what she knew was going to be a life changing position.  Trish took it and it was her best decision yet!

Along with being the full time membership coordinator, Trish continues to teach Les Mills Body Combat, Zumba, and aqua interval classes.  She lives in Laconia with her husband Mark, her children Ella and Jacob, and their 13 year of golden retriever.


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Hotel Partner:

Our hotel partner for this conference is the Andover Courtyard by Marriot.  Reservations for the Cedardale Room Block can be made at 800.321.2211 or online through the following links:

One King Bed

Two Queen Beds

Please note that if you try to book online for reservations that check in prior to October 10th or check out beyond October 12th, the system will respond that there are no rooms available. These reservations should be made over the telephone.

Our discounted room rate is valed only on reservations made prior to Sept 19th.



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Personal Training Newsletter August 2012

Posted September 23, 2012 in News, Blog

Welcome to another edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see all yoru club's statistics for August.

This month's issue gives you some final information on our upcoming personal training conference in October. Find out who is the latest New England Fitness Organization to come on board with the program and get up to speed with the latest personal training prescriptions and rate sheets.

We welcome your comments and suggestions below.


August 2012 PFP News (.pdf, 280.5 KB)

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