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2013 Pro Fitness PT Conference New England

Posted May 23, 2013 in Blog, News

On Thursday, Aug 22nd, 2013 the Pro Fitness Program will be hosting its annual New England Personal Training workshop and conference at the beautiful Cedardale Health & Fitness complex in Haverhill, MA.  The event will commence at 8:30 and finish at 3:00 pm, featuring some of our top Trainers, Fitness Consultants and Fitness Directors.  Lunch will be provided by our generous sponsors.


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NASM logoAttendance at our 2013 New England PFP Conference qualitifes for .6 NASM CEUs!






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Seminar Descriptions


8:30 - 9:00

Opening Remarks

Jeff Russo


9:00 - 10:30

Sticker Shock - Selling Large PT Packages - Consultant Track

Cassie Armstead & Chris Acker

Are you talking yourself out of the sale before you even prescribe it?  STICKER SHOCK - A step by step guide to successfully navigating your way to big package sales.


Game Changers for a Winning Training Team - PT Track

Jennifer Karr Muzzey

In this seminar you will learn strategies for organizing and managing your own personal training business within the club.  Every trainer contributes to the team in their own unique way and the possibilities are endless with realistic goal setting and implementation.  What do you personally excel at?  How can you be the best you can be at your job as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Director?  How does the team prosper when every member is at the top of their game? We will take a look at what it takes to form a rock star Personal Training Team!


It All Starts at the Top - Owners / Managers Track

Al Tassel                                                                                                                                 

Your Pro Fitness Program investment does everything except print the cash.  It does, however, need your undivided support, attention, direction and commitment.  All departments must be in sync (not to be confused with 'N Sync - Justin Timerlake's old boy band) and that direction ultimately comes from you at the top.  Create a culture that promotes departmental cohesion and you are sure to see the results in the form of a bloated bank account.

Find out why PUMPS - Real Fitness for Women (an 8500 square foot club) sold nearly 100 pre-sale annual consultations before the system was even implemented.  Also covered will be what this neurotic club owner does on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure his club gets the most out of his PFP investment.  Internal and external marketing efforts will also be shared with attendees.


10:30 - 12:00

Pitch Perfect PFP

In this seminar, Chris will clearly outline how to present, pre frame and prescribe your way to success in the membership office with PFP.  Not to be missed!

Chris Acker


The Responsibility of Partnering Group Training With One-On-One  - PT Track

Matt Stirling & Andy Nye


Using PFP Track Software for Success - Owners / Managers & Consultant Tracks

Jeff Russo

This hands on seminar will look at various features and reports in our web based PFP Track software to ensure that staff and managers are using all of the features to better manage and deliver the program to members.  Areas of focus will include booking appointments in advance, setting automatic email and text messages, booking Demos and MAS sessions, and using various reports for consultation and renewal follow ups.  Attendees will receive a daily, weekly and monthly management guide to PFP Track. 


12:00 - 1:30

LUNCH & Sponsorship Presentations


Keynote Address:  

The Passion Killers:  Reclaiming Your Passion and Purpose

Jeff Russo

Prepare to find out how an unclear purpose, a fear and desire for comfort, an unsupported lifestyle and not taking basic action can all lead to the gradual loss of passion and meaning.  In this seminar, you will be challenged through a series of videos and teachings to analyze where you are at in relation to these questions and you will be given certain tools to get you back on track in living a purpose driven life.


1:30 - 3:00

STOP SELLING- Membership / Consultant Tracks

Jen Poljacik

Forget what you know and what you have been told!  Wipe the slate clean and get ready for a fresh start in becoming a solutions provider!

In this session, you will learn how to improve your closing percentage and increase effectiveness in what you do every day.  When one examines the most successful and influential people of the world, one will find that these people simply use the same strategies.  We will discuss these strategies and learn to talk about and build the 'Value' of what it is we do best.  Through powerful influence and not 'sales,' it will be hard for them to say NO!  This fun, interactive session will improve the way we do our jobs every day.


Perfect Periodization for Client Success in PFP! - PT Track

Rob Gagnon

Learn the ins and outs of creating and implementing a Periodized Fitness Program for client success and retention.  Phases of Periodization will be presented and we will discuss how to create programs for all levels of individuals.  You will be shown how to present these perfect periodization plans in such a way that your member cannot NOT purchase personal training with you!


Marketing Your Personal Training Department for Maximum Results - Owners / Managers Track

Deneen Laprade - Susan K. Bailey Marketing

We'll begin by making connections that club owners, managers and trainers can relate to:  you must consistently and intentionally dedicate time and money to marketing your personal training department in order for it to thrive.  Just as you coach your clients to dedicate time and money to their fitness routine to see results, you must also do so with your business marketing strategies.  Your marketing efforts must be consistent, diverse in modality, vary in intensity and you have to be committed for the long haul.  This session reviews classic marketing mistakes and offers viable solutions through examples of successful PFP campaigns.  Let's get your marketing on track for successful lead generation to consistently grow your personal training business!


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Presenter Bios


Chris Acker 2

Chris Acker

Chris first started working at the RVC in 2001, after having already been a member and personal training client since 1998.  He started off working part time at the front desk, and quickly moved up in the company until finding his niche in the Membership Department and as a Fitness Consultant.  Chris' start in the health club industry couldn't have been at a better time, as the RVC had just begun working with Jeff Russo's PFP.  From customer service to sales and more, Chris was fortunate enough to have Jeff as a teacher and mentor, and was able to witness how PFP can tansform a health club into a professional, successful and well oiled machine.



Cassie Armstead

Cassie Armstead

Cassie is a Senior Fitness Consultant for the River Valley Club.  She is also the Assistant Fitness Director with a myriad of experience in how to administrate the Pro Fitness Program.  She is consistently at the top of the sales totals each month with an average closing ratio of 45%.  Her ability to build rapport and educate clients on the benefits associated with the Fitness Consultation result in Cassie selling personal training packages of 48 - 144 sessions on a regular basis.  She is a tremendous addition to the Pro Fitness Program Consulting Team and is guaranteed to educate and motivate Fitness Consultants.


Rob Gagnon

Rob Gagon

As a licensed and certified Athletic Trainer for the past 12 years, Rob enjoys guiding his clients from injury to recovery and beyond.  Rob is a former Board Member and Past President of the New England Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (NEHRSA).  Before joining the team at Manchester Athletic Club, Rob worked as a clinical Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Performance at The University of Michigan - Med Sports Medicine / Physical Therapy Clinic.  During this time, Rob developed programs geared towards preventing injuries and working with elite athletes.

Rob works with all levels of athletes ranging from the beginner to fitness through to pro athletes.  Rob has had the privilege of working with National Cyclocross champion Tim Johnson and his wife Lyne Bessett Johnson who is a former Canadian Olympian in cycling and is currently Olympian in cycling and is currently training for the 2013 Paralympics where she is a guide for a blind cyclist.  He has also had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mountain Bike National Champion Matt O'Keefe and Actress Salma Hayek.  Rob received his BA from Colby-Sawyer College ad his MA from Western Michigan University.



Jenn Karr 

Jenn Karr Muzzey

A mentor of Jenn's instilled "you can't take it with you so go hard until you cannot do it anymore" several years ago when she was in training.  With many years in the fitness industry under her belt, holding roles from groups fitness instructor to personal trainer, these rules she truly lives by.

The journey begins with a passion for fitness and a knack for inspiring individuals to create their own path to sweet success with their minds and bodies.  A great motivator and innovator, Jenn holds multiple certifications including CSCS, MTS, NASM - PES and USA Weightlifting Certification.  A team leader with an impressive background in competitive team sports, swimming and marathon running, she is RVC's Fitness Director, a Master Personal Trainer and massive fitness enthusiast.  Jenn seeks out versatility in her training clients and peers, as leading the Spinning Program and coordinating athletes in the Sports Performance Center attest to her multifaceted approach to 'Living the Dream.'

In 2011, Jenn's talented team of trainers were able to sell over $2 million in personal training sales, awarding them the PFP Personal Training Team of the Year!  In 2012, they did it again and once more sold over $2 million in PT sales and attained PFP Club of the Year!    



Deneen Laprade

Deneen is an accomplished, energetic leader in fitness and wellness with proven ability to create and manage effective marketing campaigns and programs that result in revenue growth, increased profits and member retention.  As a Marketing Coach with Susan K. Bailey Marketing and Design, she consistently applies her years of experience at club level to meet the marketing needs of her clients.  Her belief is that marketing is an all encompassing strategy that combines careful planning with a consistent approach to net the results clubs need and want.  Just as a carefully planned fitness routine, when combined with consistency nets results for members, an effective marketing plan will do the same for fitness professionals and their businesses.


Andy Nye


Andy Nye




Jen Poljacik

Jen Poljacik

Jen is not new to the fitness industry.  Her experience ranges from Group Exercise, Personal Training, Membership Sales and Management.  Through her successful leadership, the River Valley Club's Personal Training Department has grown into the number one revenue producing program in New England, earning over 2 Million Dollars in PT sales in 2011 and 2012 with only 2000 members.  She is not only a Master Trainer and the co-owner of The Movement Training Specialist Certification Company, MTS, but also the current COO of the River Valley Club.  In addition, Jenn is now a Senior Business Consultant with Pro Fitness Program and currently works with 3 other New England organizations.


Jeff Russo Headshot 2013

Jeff Russo

Jeff is the creator and co-owner of the Pro Fitness Program with his wife Stacy Clark Russo.  He started in the Fitness Industry in 1986 as a Personal Trainer and then quickly made the shift to the business and sales side of the industry as Membership Coordinator, Club Manager and Club Owner.  In 1998, he had a vision to change the way that clubs conducted business and developed a mission to help independent club owners to move away from selling just memberships to insisting on providing education, results and knowledge.  The Pro Fitness Program came into being and has since helped over 70 clubs change their entire business model thereby increasing personal training and club retention while providing more challenging and rewarding full time fitness careers.  Jeff is an outstanding motivaltional speaker and has been a regular presenter at NEHRSA and Can Fit Pro.  He is the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of the Navigators of Canada and the proud father of Sydney and Connor.

jeffr@profitnessprogram.com            416.252.7800


Matt Stirling

Matt Stirling

Matt Stirling is a full time Master Trainer, Movement Training Specialist, Fitness Director and Co-Owner of Performance Fitness in Chatham, Ontario.  Nothing is more satisfying to Matt than helping someone change their lifestyle, compete for the first time, win a title, improve their athletic skills, recover from a surgery or accident, or just learn the basics of proper health, fitness and nutrition.  His recent contest history and achievements include 2011 WBFF 1st Place World Bodybuilding Champion, the 2009 WBFF British Columbia 2nd overall, and the 2008 ProFitness Program Trainer of the Year with over 1800 one hour sessions trained.  Matt is also an accomplished Fitness Consultant who is able to sell at 50% whether he is in the office or on the gym floor.  Whether you're an employee or sub contract Trainer in one of our clubs, you don't want to miss Matt's seminar with Any Nye on The Responsibility of Partnering Group Training With One-On-One!


Al Tassel

Al Tassel

Al Tassel is a 25+ year club owner / operator who sold his first club membership in 1988.  He formally owned 3 franchised coed clubs (2 fitness only, 1 multi-purpose) then went the independent route nearly 7 years ago.  He recently sold the last of his coed clubs and has been concentrating his efforts on expanding his women's only brand in Wakefield, MA.  Although his clubs have a successful 25 year track record at selling memberships, that track record had unfortunately been matched by 24 years of personal training incompetence.  Thankfully, the ProFitness Program has put an end to that streak and has him currently looking for his next location.  Al also has a BS in Business Administration obtained from Northeastern University "back in the day."




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Hotel Partner

Once again, our hotel partner for this year's conference is the Andover Courtyard by Marriott.  Reservations for the Cedardale Room Block can be made at 800.321.2211 or online through the following link:

Two Queen Beds

Please note that if you try to book online for reservations that check in prior to Aug 21 or check out beyond Aug 22, the system will respond tht there are no rooms available.  These reservations should be made over the telephone.

Our discounted room rate is valid only on reservations made prior to July 31, 2013 so please make your reservations prior to this date.

Please also note that the number of rooms reserved at this discounted rate is limited.




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Personal Training Newsletter April 2013

Posted May 22, 2013 in News, Blog

Welcome to another edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see how your club compared with other Pro Fitness Program Centers. Please note that there is now a minimum requirement of $5,000 in sales to be included in the FC stats section. 

In this months' issue we take a look at how the Personal Training Demo is making a big impact on club performance. Find out which Membership Coordinator made the transition to Personal Training and how they are quickly growing their client base. Read about the latest MTS Certification course and how certain PFP Clubs are taking their education and training to the next level and seeing the results in their bottom line.


April 2013 PFP News (.pdf, 349 KB)


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