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Best in the World in Personal Training Sales

Posted April 09, 2017 in News, Blog

Very few people or companies can make the claim to be the best in the world at anything. Others attempt to do so without having actual numbers and clients to back them up. In my case there is no question that my company is the very best in the world at teaching and supporting private independent fitness clubs to sell and make profit at 1on 1 and partner personal training. 

Since 1998 we have worked with hundreds of health club organizations across North America and continue to be the only consulting company to focus exclusively on 1 on 1 and partner personal training. All aspects of our program including purchases, performance, scheduling and payroll are facilitated by our customised web based management software. And best of all our club owners average well over 35% real profit margins. 

I personally challenge any business consultant or company to produce a system or individual that can make fitness clubs more money in personal training and create more full time PT positions. Since 1998, we have been focusing solely on PT Sales systems for private fitness club operators.  I have done nothing but establish myself as the best in the world in one on one personal training sales, developing full time financially rewarding careers for Trainers, leading clubs to over 50% of total revenue from PT sales and creating the most consistent and largest profit margins for facilities regardless of location or demographic. It takes laser sharp focus and longevity to be the best at anything, as well as a God given skill set that gets expressed in an environment of passion and purpose. 

Read the in depth 2017 Club Insider Feature Article on the PFP team and system.

Club Insider Feature 2017 (.pdf, 1.7 MB)


Jeff Russo - Owner Pro Fitness Program

Best in the World!




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