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Longfellow Clubs Top $97,000 in March Personal Training Sales

Posted April 16, 2018 in News, Blog

The Longfellow Health Clubs (Natick & Wayland, MA) have been servicing Boston area tennis and fitness enthusiasts for decades with a focus on mind, body, well-being, and community. Because they are co-owned by tennis legend Laury Hammel the perception might be that the club's focus is exclusively on that one sport. 

Because conditioning is a key component of tennis, and because the club has a robust fitness membership, ownership decided to implement the Pro Fitness Program (6 years ago) and has never looked back.

Though March did not produce a high volume of new memberships, the personal training department produced $97,000 in 1 to 1 personal training revenue!! This has such a positive impact on ensuring that club members are receiving proper education and support and are able to maximize results and membership usage. These members will not only improve their performance in extra curricular activities like tennis, but will have a far better quality day to day life. 

"Our decision to implement this program was twofold: we needed a structured program for the member simply interested in improving their overall fitness, and we wanted to offer our athletes a results based program that would improve their performance. The revenue derived from this program has exceeded our expectations, and I would highly recommend this program to any club owner who wants to provide full time rewarding careers for their Trainers while tremendously improving their membership experience and retention." - Myke Farricker, co-owner - Longfellow Health Clubs

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Pro Fitness Program Consultants Attend IHRSA 2018

Posted April 09, 2018 in News, Blog

Pro Fitness Program Consultants were sharpening their skills at the 2018 IHRSA Conference in San Diego. The Pro Fitness Program is the the only consulting company and system in the fitness industry that focuses exclusively on 1 to 1 personal training. Clubs throughout North America that utilize this program drastically increase PT revenue, improve member retention, and because of the structured sales and service system, easily recruit and retain quality fitness professionals for the facilities. 

It's no wonder that clubs utilizing the program experience unparalleled success, as five of the company's in-club consultants (pictured below) possess nearly 130 years of combined industry experience including club ownership and management. Even with such experience and knowledge, the company recognizes the value of on-going education, which is why attending IHRSA is an invaluable and necessary experience. Pictured left to right: Al Tassel, Sharon Tassel, MaryBeth Bradley, Jen Poljacik and Anthony Janicas. 



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