What's on Your To-Do List?

August 05, 2009

What's on your "To-Do" List Today?
8 Things to Add which will Maximize You Effectiveness

By Sean Walpole CPT, MTS
The Edge Fitness Business Consulting.com

As a Business Consultant, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the most gifted Fitness Directors, Club Managers and Owner/Operators in the industry today. In fact, I too was a Club Manager not so long ago, working with John Johnson and Jeff Russo implementing the Pro Fitness Program at a 30k square foot facility in Toronto Canada.

Because of this experience, I am all too aware of the juggling act which pulls a manager in all directions every day. From staffing issues to facility breakdown, from employee reviews to marketing initiatives, there are a flurry of "important' issues to be dealt with every day. This doesn't even begin to address the onslaught of emails and voice mails! How on earth can we prioritize all of these items while still keeping owners, staff and members happy? Let's take a look at some items that need to be on your To-Do List.

1) Delegate Something
There is no greater challenge for a manager than to get his nose out of things and to trust someone else to get it done. For example, are you personally managing consumable inventory? If so, do you really think that counting soap and paper towels is a solid use of your time? Nearly every manager I speak to has daily or weekly item's which are an easily delegatable distraction. Empower someone on your facility or cleaning team to take over that area and report back to you. I think that they may surprise you with their ability and initiative.

2) Schedule Voice and Email
Boy. Do I ever hate that email alert sound. Over the years, my brain has been programmed to equate that sound with distraction, new headaches, customer complaints, spam and increased workload. The combination of my cell phone ringing, my office phone flashing and the email alerts is enough to keep me at a consistent level of aggravation throughout the day. Turn them off! Let people know that you check email and voicemail on a schedule and that you will get back to them at those set times throughout the day. The benefit of increased productivity will be felt by everyone!

3) Put First things First
What is your most important function...above all else? If you work for almost every company I've ever seen, it's revenue generation...sales. I ask you the question...What is your success evaluated on by your employer? Is it a fabulous, multi colored and multilayered spreadsheet outlining disinfectant wipe consumption? Probably not. It probably has a lot more to do with ongoing membership growth and personal training sales. Get away from your desk and go to work with your sales team. You can invest greatly in your team by role playing with them every day, brainstorming solutions to current objections and letting them benefit from your experience!

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