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Major Upgrades to Pro Fitness Program Fitness Assessment Software

Posted September 04, 2017 in News, Blog

Our company has always strived to offer the leading fitness assessment software in the industry. In order to accomplish this, we have hired the leading experts in this area to develop custom programs for our clients and members. In 1998 we delivered our first version for desktop computers and it offered testing in the areas of body composition, predicted V02, and strength and endurance protocols. Clients were able to get a printout of their results and compare them to national norms based on performance based criteria. 

In 2013 the company hired Dr. James Manson, the leading epidemiologist and kinesiologist in Canada, to develop an updated assessment protocol. At the time James was working with the Cleveland Clinic and was focused on normative data as it related to health outcomes. As result, he was able to design a custom platform for the i Pad that added in elements such as functional movement screens, balance assessments and a unique protocol for the senior population. 

In the next couple of weeks we will be releasing a new update to our cutting edge assessment platform. Dr. Manson has been working with some of our veteran Fitness Consultants, and has been using their feedback from thousands of 90 minute fitness consultations, to revise the software and provide our fitness staff with the best possible tools to diagnose and prescribe individualized programs for members. Dr. Manson is now a college professor in Toronto Canada, and continues to study the data and outcomes of comprehensive fitness assessments on the general and senior populations. Information continues to increase and the evidence is getting stronger and stronger in terms of these results and how they relate to overall health and longevity. 

In 2018 the company plans to transition the software from the i Pad to our on line personal training management software - PFP Track. Currently, when members register with a club that offers the Pro Fitness Program, they are automatically sent a digital health and history questionnaire. Once completed it gets securely stored in their client profile. The Fitness Consultant is then able to review this information prior to their initial assessment and use it to formulate the basis for their exercise prescription and program. Currently screen shots of the assessment from the i Pad are uploaded to the client profile and sent to the client. By having this feature directly in PFP Track, this step will be eliminated. With clients performing up to 4 assessments per year, comparative data can be tracked and graphed and clients can see how they are progressing and remain motivated. Trainers will also have access to this information, and will be able to work together with the Fitness Consultant, to ensure that the client is progressing and achieving their long term goals. 

Whether or not you are currently a member at one of our clubs, we highly recommend that you book your 90 minute consultation to get a clear picture of your current fitness level. Click here for a list of facilities throughout North America.  You will receive the best prescription and plan to achieve your goals. We are totally confident that this will be the best educational experience you've ever encountered in a fitness facility. 

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Norm Cates' Club Insider Features Pro Fitness Program

Posted August 29, 2017 in News, Blog

We are so pleased to announce that we have joined The Club Insider Advertising Team. The Fitness Club Business Magazine was established in 1993 by Norm Cates. We want to congratulate Norm for being nominated to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Club Industry event in Chicago on October 4th -5th. If you are attending the event and want to get more detailed information on this personal training sales system, club owner and PFP Business Consultant Al Tassel will be attending. Click here to get Al's contact info. 

Norm will be conducting an interview with PFP President Jeff Russo in the upcoming weeks to receive more information on the history and success of the Pro Fitness Program. This is not the first time that our program was featured in this national publication. Open the PDF below to read an interview with the COO of the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hampshire that went from $70,000 per year in one to one personal training to 2.5 Million in 2016. 

  Club Insider Article June 2012 (.pdf, 1.8 MB)

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Pro Fitness Program Acquires Third Club in Kansas

Posted August 22, 2017 in News, Blog

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our third organization in the State of Kansas. Body Boutiqe, an all women's facility out of Lawrence Kansas, who just completed the first phase of in club consulting. Pro Fitness Business Consultant MaryBeth Bradley led the training accompanied by Anthony Janicas who worked directly with the Fitness Consultants to kick off the program. Earlier in August MaryBeth trained the team at Opti Life Fitness which is opening a brand new location in Wichita Kansas in the next couple of months. You can visit their Facebook page to see the club renderings. Last year, Blush Fitness out of Overland Park Kansas, another all women's facility, introduced the program and the results have been outstanding.

In all three cases, ownership and management have made the decision to prioritize education and results for their members. By introducing a comprehensive assessment to every new member, and by making every attempt to understand the member's needs and obstacles to achieving results, the entire club team is committed to designing and prescribing the best possible individualized program to guarantee member results. 

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Best in the World in Personal Training Sales

Posted April 09, 2017 in News, Blog

Very few people or companies can make the claim to be the best in the world at anything. Others attempt to do so without having actual numbers and clients to back them up. In my case there is no question that my company is the very best in the world at teaching and supporting private independent fitness clubs to sell and make profit at 1on 1 and partner personal training. 

Since 1998 we have worked with hundreds of health club organizations across North America and continue to be the only consulting company to focus exclusively on 1 on 1 and partner personal training. All aspects of our program including purchases, performance, scheduling and payroll are facilitated by our customised web based management software. And best of all our club owners average well over 35% real profit margins. 

I personally challenge any business consultant or company to produce a system or individual that can make fitness clubs more money in personal training and create more full time PT positions. Since 1998, we have been focusing solely on PT Sales systems for private fitness club operators.  I have done nothing but establish myself as the best in the world in one on one personal training sales, developing full time financially rewarding careers for Trainers, leading clubs to over 50% of total revenue from PT sales and creating the most consistent and largest profit margins for facilities regardless of location or demographic. It takes laser sharp focus and longevity to be the best at anything, as well as a God given skill set that gets expressed in an environment of passion and purpose. 

Read the in depth 2017 Club Insider Feature Article on the PFP team and system.

Club Insider Feature 2017 (.pdf, 1.7 MB)


Jeff Russo - Owner Pro Fitness Program

Best in the World!




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Personal Training Newsletter Oct to Dec 2016

Posted January 10, 2017 in News, Blog

Welcome to the final edition of the Pro Fitness Program Newsletter for 2016. Click on the PDF below to read all about the latest news and developments. In this edition we draw attention to the new Federal Labor Standards Act and review some of the elements from our webinar by Jen Poljacik and Cathy Pelton.

In our Marketing Tip of the Month, we look at a recent door hangar campaign by RPM Fitness in Toronto. We finish up our Leadership series and discuss an interview and hiring strategy that was recently employed at Bao Fitness. 


October -Dec PFP News (.pdf, 1.1 MB)

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Personal Training Newsletter September 2016

Posted November 01, 2016 in News, Blog

Welcome to the September edition of the Pro Fitness Program Newsletter. Click on the PDF below to find out the latest information and developments. Be aware that we have created a new password to open the document. You should have received this information from your PFP Business Consultant. In this edition we look at how to reach out to former PT Clients. Read about how to effectively use the new features in PFP Track and get all the latest updates on club performance. 


September 2016 PFP News (.pdf, 257.7 KB)

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