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Personal Training Newsletter Jan 2010

Posted April 08, 2010 in News, Blog

We have been sending out our monthly newsletter and rankings of our top fitness club performers for the past 3 years through email attachments. Moving forward we will be posting the PFP News on this web site and sending the link to our clients. We would suggest that staff and management simply register their email and contact information on the home page of this site to receive updates on a regular basis. We want to be able to combine all of our monthly sales, marketing and management tips to improve personal training sales with our newsletters in one central location. At the same time we are encouraging all of our users to repsond with questions and suggestions and enter into discussions with other Fitness Consultants, Personal Trainers and Fitness Directors. Why not start today.

Click on the PDF File below and enjoy the Pro Fitness Program Newsletter for January 2010. You can also save a copy to your computer to distribute in your clubs. Congratulations to our top performers and facilities.. 2010 is turning out to be an incredible year for personal training sales with this amazing  personal training business system!!

Jan PFP News (.pdf, 895.8 KB)

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Fitness Consultation Shows

Posted April 08, 2010 in News, Blog

On our recent visit to Penfield Fitness in Rochester NY, the topic of getting clients to show up for the annual consultation program was discussed. Although clients are investing $90 for four 90 minute consultations, very few are coming back for their second assessment and even less are attending the final two appointments. Remember that the consultation fee is designed to cover the cost of exposing members to our personal training services. In addition, the consultation program is our service guarantee to the client that we are going to follow up with them, keep them motivated while continuing to prescribe the best possible solutions to help them achieve their fitness goals through concrete data and gym floor assessments. Here are some very important tips to maximize the client's experience with the program that we have developed as a result of valuable feedback from our Pro Fitness group of fitness facilities.

 Build More Value in the Consultation Journal

 Membership Representatives must make a commitment to go through the entire journal with members to outline the significance of the assessments, gym floor analysis and periodization prescription sheets. The member should be made aware that they will be able to take ownership of the journal at the end of their 4th consultation and it will be an outstanding record of their progress and work at the facility over the course of the year. It's as valuable as any personal training log book or record keeping system that Trainers use with their clients. Let the client know that they will be handed the journal, in person, after completing the final consultation and will have the option of registering for another round of assessments for the following year. It will also allow us to clean out our final cabinets to make room for the new members.

 Shorten Up the time Between Assessments

 Traditionally we have promoted a 90 day gap between the 4 consultations. These periods have been shown to be too long to keep people engaged and serviced. All IHRSA studies indicate that the first 8 weeks of a client's membership experience is the most crucial time for satisfaction and retention. Therefore, book the second consultation at the 8-week period and then the third and fourth appointments in either 8 week intervals or continue with the 90 day period. If the client comes in for the second appointment and establishes some comparative data, the value should be built to ensure a better show ratio for the remaining appointments.

 Book all Appointments at the Membership Sale

 Have the Membership Representatives book all 4 consultation appointments at the point of sale and then printout the schedule on PFP Track and include it in the new member package. Assume the same day and time as the first appointment and don't worry if changes have to be made down the road. Fitness Consultants will be contacting the members a couple of weeks prior to these appointments to confirm and changes can be made at that time. At least all appointments will be visible in the Monthly Consultation Appointment Report for easy follow up. The member will take more ownership if they see that it is a structured program that we take seriously from day one. Once again remember to book appointment number two in 60 not 90 days.

 Create a Contact System in between Appointments

 Ensure that Membership Reps are entering complete contact information for each client in PFP Track to include phone numbers and email. Make personal notes about the client in the client profile section and then decide on a series of emails and phone calls in between appointments. The first email should be a thank you from the Membership Rep that includes a link to and a reminder to the client to read the FAQ page. It should also remind them that they can use the site to compare their assessment data printout to national norms and standards. After the consultation the Fitness Consultant must send out another email to the client if they do not purchase personal training between the third and fourth week to ask how they are progressing, indicating that they are looking forward to the second consultation while including some useful information on the benefits of resistance training, progressive workouts, intensity, variety or anything else that helps the client understand the value of working with a coach.

 Have a Strong Promotional Offer

 At the time of the initial consultation the client should be offered a coupon that will be activated if and when they complete their 4th consultation. I would suggest a $90 voucher that can be used for the purchase of any personal training service to include a second year of assessments at no charge. How motivating would it be for a client to know that if they stay consistent and complete our program that they will basically get the whole year of assessments at no cost? It also tells them that we are committed to servicing them and that this service is not about making money but being committed to their success. I would be overjoyed if I could get even 35% of all my members completing all the consultations in year one and then getting them committed to another round in year two. Think of the multiple opportunities to educate them and present coaching and also think of the retention benefits to that kind of service. If in the end you make no money of your consultation fees but accomplish these two goals you're way ahead of the game.


Jeff Russo

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Top 5 Personal Training Renewal Tips

Posted February 16, 2010 in Blog

Have you ever wondered why some Trainers renew their clients consistently and for large packages that can often exceed 200 sessions? The obvious answers involve great personality and energy, consistency and professionalism as well as getting the client results. These are of course very important variables in the process but I can guarantee you that if you utilize these 5 suggestions you will immediately double your renewal percentage as well as your package size.

Sell Time Slots

If you want to maximize your earning potential you have to control your schedule. Never make the mistake of leaving open ended appointments and allowing your client to call you when they are available. You need to dictate the terms of the relationship from the start and get your client in the habit of training at the same time on set days. It's easier for them to remember and it ensures that you have maximum availability for new clients. If an individual is conditioned to working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am, think how much easier it will be to let them know that they need to book more appointments to maintain their time slot because your Fitness Consultant has informed you that there are a few new clients who would like to work out with you during that hour.

Dictate the Terms of the Training Relationship

I know numerous Trainers who work under the Pro Fitness personal training system that have six figure incomes because they simply dictate to their clients how business will be conducted. Some of them have put themselves in a position to take only clients who work out 3 times per week. They emphasize that their success relies on the fact that clients attain results and therefore they need full commitment in terms of training frequency and consistency. Many Trainers will not allow clients to cancel more than once per 12 sessions with notice. In fact our Pro Fitness personal training agreements have several clauses built in that we require the member to initial to ensure their commitment and success. It's not beyond some of our elite Trainers to fire their clients who cancel frequently. If you're clear from the start you're going to develop a reputation for being serious and you will have a client base who will be getting amazing results, renewing more frequently and referring more friends as a result of their success.

Provide Information Prior to the Renewal

With our personal training business system, our Fitness Consultants are trained to sell periodization programs, or in simple terms phases of training. A successful Trainer should provide a road map of the phases and routines that will take a person to their goal at the beginning of their first session. Regardless of how many sessions the client has committed to the focus should still be on the bigger picture. With 3 - 5 sessions remaining prior to the renewal, a Trainer should be handing the client information on the next phase of the program that outlines what the client can expect in terms of routines and results. This will give them time to take the information home, digest it and start imagining what the next step will look like in terms of goals and results. They will be far better prepared to accept your renewal offer when the time comes.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I just finished a 2- day training seminar at the River Valley Club in Hanover New Hampshire. Cindy Summer, their top Trainer in 2009 for most sessions completed, shared her secret of success with the group. The fact that she is a group exercise and pilates instructor in combination with her numerous personal training certifications allow her to bring a variety of workouts and experiences to her clients. The routines and workouts are always changing and the client is the ultimate winner in terms of acquiring strength, flexibility, function, endurance, etc., and most of all the variety to keep things fresh and exciting. This is one of the reasons why our company is a huge proponent of the Movement Training Specialist Certification Program that provides a dynamic and exciting new way to train and progress clients. From a business standpoint the workouts are unique and attract members who are typically used to training on equipment. Click here for more information on the MTS model that will easily boost your new and renewal personal training sales.

Assume the Renewal Sale

 Have a personal training agreement completely filled out on the day you're going to ask for the renewal sale. If you did your homework and prepared them with information on the next stage of their training, the client is more prepared and will not be surprised by your assumptive approach. I can't begin to tell you how this one tip alone has easily doubled renewals for Trainers in our PFP clubs. Simply hand them the agreement prior to the start of your session and ask them to authorize the next phase of their training program. And please, whatever you do, have a system in place like our on line web based PFP Track program that easily identifies when clients are up for renewal with at least 3 sessions remaining. Don't wait until the final session to ask for the renewal because if the client needs some time to think about it, as many do, you have no follow up appointments to ensure that you get another chance to finalize the package.


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Another 2 Million Dollar Personal Training Club!

Posted January 07, 2010 in News, Blog

It took us 6 years working with the River Valley Club in New Hampshire to get their personal training sales over 2 Million for the year. With the advancement of our management and sales training systems and the introduction of our web based personal training business software we were able to achieve that number in just 2 years at the Athletic Club in Guelph Ontario.

Prior to hiring our organization the club's best previous year was $475,000 in total PT sales. Our organization would like to congratulate Director Ryan Flesch for an outstanding effort in managing the department as well as his entire team of Fitness Consultants and Personal Trainers. In a recession year, the Pro Fitness Program continues to be the number one personal training sales system in North America with more than 50% of our clients having their best sales year in history! If you want to know how we can increase your club personal training business by over 500% in 2010 contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your department and program.

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Help Guide PFP Track 2

Posted December 15, 2009 in News, PFP Track

Technology is constantly evolving, and nowhere is this more true than on the web.  When PFP Track was first launched in 2006, it represented a leap forward for club management software systems: it was a web application in an industry that was still primarily reliant on desktop applications.

You could access it in a browser, and that, along with the many features we built into it, made it cutting edge.

A lot has changed since 2006.  Many other software development companies have made the move to the Internet, although many club owners are still using desktop applications to run their clubs.

The state of fitness club management software has moved forward, and so has the state of web development in general - very much so.

New software development tools have eased the development of complex web applications.  New technologies in the browser and faster computers have extended the limits of what is possible online.

We've also heard from an increasing number of club owners that they want simple, easy-to-use software that can handle replace the software they are using alongside PFP Track in their clubs to improve their personal training business.

PFP Track has always been focused on managing personal training departments according to the principles of the Pro Fitness Program, but there's room for growth into other areas of the club, including managing memberships.

We're paying close attention to trends on the web.  We're also listening to you.  We know many of you are frustrated by the clunky desktop applications you're using right now.  We know you want to avoid having to enter data in twice, or more than twice, in various systems.

We know you want great software and we know we can provide it.

That's why we've set out to take PFP Track to the next level.  We've commenced building the next version of PFP Track on an entirely new platform.  We're rewriting the software from the ground up, we're expanding it, and we're making it a lot better.

But to make this happen, we need your help.  We need your suggestions and comments.  (You can leave them here if you wish, to get started, or contact us.)

We will also be commencing a beta program that will allow selected clubs to try out the software in advance to provide feedback.  Preference will be given to clubs who commit to spending time with the new software in order to test it and provide substantial feedback.  Let us know if you're interested by contacting us.

The tentative launch date for PFP Track 2 is at the end of March, 2010.  We'll keep you posted on progress in the weeks ahead.

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What Does a PFP Fitness Consultant Need to Focus On?

Posted December 02, 2009 in News, Blog

Every month our organization emails out a monthly newsletter to our PFP clients. And every month we receive the same inquiries about why the same  Fitness Consultants (FCs) continue to produce consistent personal training sales results and why others continue to fall short of the mark. It's not unusual for our top FCs to convert 30% or more of all new fitness club members to a package of one on one personal training of no less than 12 session and in many cases anywhere from 36 sessions right up to 144 sessions. In fact last month Denise Reid at the Athletic Club in Guelph Ontario wrote $55,000 in personal training sales out of her little Fitness Consultation Office combining two 144 session packs, three 72 packs and an amazing 208 session renewal program along with her other sales. Time and time again our top FCs write more personal training business than entire fitness departments because they take their position and career seriously and they focus on selling truths.

Our FCs make no apologies for the fact that they love to sell what they're most passionate about and what they most believe in. They're all about selling truths and making the best possible diagnosis and prescription for their clients. They understand that clubs that only sell memberships and do not disclose the total picture of what it takes to get real results for life are doing a tremendous disservice to their communities and to the fitness industry as a whole. Pro Fitness Program FCs simply sell the truth that results come out of a combination of motivation, intensity, education and technique, safety, flexibility and mobility and fundamental nutrition and that a coach will provide guidance, support and an overall plan that will be executed over a specific period of time to ensure the most effective and efficient path to real lasting results.

If you ask me it's imperative that the number one focus of our FCs is completing as many quality Fitness Consultaions as possible in the course of the month. It is also a must that whoever fills this role is fully committed to the postion on a full time basis and derives the majority, if not all of their income from this role. In many of larger facilities our full time FCs complete over 100 consultations per month. In smaller markets and smaller clubs that number should never fall below 2 consultations daly or no less than 50 per month. That always involves going beyond waiting for members to walk through door and buy a membership. It requires a marketing plan and strategy that targets existing and former club members, corporations, local businesses, trade shows and simply the desire to go out into the community and educate people on the misconceptions of diet and weight loss and what it really takes to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Our PFP Business Consultants are qualified and full trained to work with your FCs and Trainers in developing a marketing strategy to increase traffic to your personal training departments. We have been extremely successful recently in using Craig's List to recruit qualified individuals who are eager to start a career in the fitness industry. Our 4 - part, industry specific interview process guarantees that we uncover the right fit for the position from the start. We follow that up with our training manuals, DVDs, phone and email support along with conference calls with other experienced FCs in the PFP family of clubs. If you are truly a club that wants to have a large impact on your community's health and wellness and at the same time are in business to be profitable and grow your personal training business, allow us the opportunity to directly work with your FCs to set goals and marketing strategies thereby ensuring the best possible member experience as well as full time rewarding careers for your fitness team. At the same time please allow us to take a page out of the Jack Welch shool of business and either transition those who are not performing to another area of your club or towards another career choice that better suits their skill set. We owe it to our organizations and to them to constantly give feedback and make sure they're in a position or occupation that best expresses their passions and skill set - let's not deny anyone that.

Jeff Russo - The Motivational Guru

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