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Personal Training Newsletter September 2015

Posted October 25, 2015 in News, Blog

Welcome to the September issue of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see how your facility and staff compared to other PFP Centers.

In this month's issue we take a look at the first medical fitness facility that opened in China and what that means to PFP organizations. In addition, we look at new ways to use our web based software to upload consultation results and Trainer prescriptions and workout plans. Check out the new features that will be up and running by the end of Novembers to help you better manage your departments.


September 2015 PFP News (.pdf, 229.3 KB)

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Winnipeg Hospital Opens China's First Medical Fitness Facility

Posted October 16, 2015 in News, Blog

The September / October 2015 edition of Fitness Business Canada featured an article on the first Chinese medical fitness center opening in Rizhao China. Winnipeg's Seven Oaks General Hospital led the consulting and development of this 80,000 square foot facility built in one of the buildings from the 2008 Olympics. 

What's important is that the Pro Fitness Program has been the leader since 1998 in a prescriptive, results based approach to fitness. Our recent work with Dr. James Manson from the Cleveland Clinic to develop our new assessment software centered on health related normative data is a further step in our efforts to bridge the medical fitness gap. We are banking our future on this vision and will continue to equip independent fitness clubs with the tools and core values to deliver real long term fitness results through an intelligent assessment and program prescription. Read the complete article below. 


Winnipeg Medical Fitness Facility (.pdf, 1.2 MB)

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Personal Training Newsletter July August 2015

Posted September 16, 2015 in News, Blog

Welcome to a double issue of the Pro Fitness Program News for July and August 2015. Click on the PDF below to see how your facility compared to other clubs. 

In this month's issue we look at a new PFP Track feature that will allow your team to better service members in the transition from the FC to the PT. Read stories and testimonials for our two newest fitness organizations, and find out how our last marketing tip of the month worked out for some of our clients. 


July August 2015 PFP News (.pdf, 796 KB)

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Personal Training Newsletter June 2015

Posted July 21, 2015 in News, Blog

Welcome to the June edition of the Pro Fitness Program Newsletter. Click on the PDF below to find out how your facility compared to other Pro Fitness Program centers. We have over 2000 fitness professional subscribers who receive our newsletter each month. If you are a current PFP facility please request your password to open the document. 

In this month's issue we take a look at our newest marketing promotion to engage staff in promoting our facilities. As well we discuss important steps to protect your clients and facility when Trainers leave the organization. Find out which small PFP club just went over $90,000 in PT sales for June!!


June 2015 PFP News (.pdf, 2 MB)


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Personal Training Newsletter May 2015

Posted June 25, 2015 in News, Blog

Welcome to the May edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see how your facility compared to other PFP locations. Remember to get your staff to register their name and email on the home page of this site to receive these newsletters automatically each month. Contact us immediately if you require the password to open the document.

In this month's issue we discuss the importance of consistently reviewing training materials to reinforce strong learning and retention skills. Anthony returns with his Fitness Consultant training tips and we discuss a new feature for members to review their assessment results. 


May 2015 PFP News (.pdf, 301.7 KB)

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Pro Fitness Member Web Site Updated

Posted June 09, 2015 in News, Blog

We are currently in the process of adding Normative Data charts to our Pro Fitness Member web site. Members will now be able to take their assessment printouts or screenshots that they receive during their ongoing fitness consultations and go back to the web site to see how they compared to national standards in their age group. 

We highly recommend that members of our fitness facilities invest in the annual consultation program to receive comparative data every 90 days. Having one assessment without anything to compare to accomplishes very little in terms of improvement and motivation. There is no pass or fail with an initial fitness consultation and it simply provides a benchmark to gauge progress and improvement. What gets measured gets managed and leads to success, so don't underestimate the importance of regular checkups regardless of your level of fitness or experience.

All members of our Pro Fitness clubs should be receiving a 4 page printout of their assessment results with a 4 visit chart and breakdown including bar graphs to show how they rate in terms of health norms. Clients have the option of having the data emailed to them as well. 


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