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Pro Fitness President featured in Fitness Business Canada 2015 Predictions

Posted January 20, 2015 in News, Blog

In the January / February 2015 issue of Fitness Business Canada, Pro Fitness President Jeff Russo was asked to discuss his predictions for industry trends in 2015. Click on the PDF below to read the entire article entitled The Year Ahead which also features comments from Good Life owner David Evans and Planet Fitness Canadian Consultant Tasso Pappas. There is a similar theme in terms of the importance of fitness clubs not trying to be all things to all people, and putting themselves in a position to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The great news is that Pro Fitness Clubs have a clear advantage in terms of having a system that supports our core beliefs and vision to provide the ultimate in education, service and results. 

The Year Ahead 2015 Predictions (.pdf, 8.5 MB)


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Spartanburg Athletic Club Increases Personal Training Sales Dramatically!

Posted January 14, 2015 in News, Blog

The Spartanburg Athletic Club from South Carolina registered with our Standard Consulting Program three months into 2014 and received all their training and support on line. The results have been outstanding as a result of the efforts of Club Manager Daphne Billings and Fitness Consultant Amy Bogan. In speaking with Daphne last week she indicated that the PFP Program has turned her organization around 100% and has given her management and staff a clear focus and direction and has rejuvenated the entire facility. Prior to taking on the program, the club's best previous year produced $25,000 in personal training revenue. With the PFP the organization averaged close to $200,000 in 2014. 

As a result, members are experiencing accountability and a proper education when it comes to understanding what it takes to overcome obstacles while attaining individualized prescriptions for long term results. The club now boasts the most comprehensive and current 90 minute fitness consultation and assessment in the State with members receiving ongoing assessments every 3 months to keep them motivated and on track. As result, Spartanburg is also creating more jobs for full time Trainers to keep up with the demand of clients who want the very best in one on one coaching. Therefore, it's a win all around for the economy, for the clients and for preventative health and wellness as Spartanburg continues to do its part in the battle to keep its region of the country fit and off of the dependence on the medical system. 

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Pumps Real Fitness for Women Half Million in Personal Training Sales

Posted January 14, 2015 in News, Blog

Congratulations to owner Al Tassel and Fitness Director Rob Gagnon from Pumps Real Fitness for Women. The organization started with the Pro Fitness Program in 2012 at their Wakefield location. They were so successful in terms of changing their culture and total way of doing business by moving from a membership driven model to educating their members through fitness consultations and prescribing real results based solutions, that they opened up a second location in Woburn MA in 2014. In their first year of operations, this 12,000 square foot facility generated over $500,000 in personal training sales to earn themselves the PFP Club of the Year Award. 

The club offers all of its members the industry's leading assessment software developed by Dr. James Manson of the Cleveland Clinic. The 90 minute consultation, conducted every 3 months is essential to providing members with the latest data on health related fitness standards. The program also features a unique seniors assessment with normative data and evaluations geared to that demographic. As a result, members of all ages are able to get the best possible prescriptions and solutions for overcoming obstacles and attaining measurable and lasting results.

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Personal Training Newsletter December 2014

Posted January 13, 2015 in News, Blog

Welcome to the December edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see hour your club compared to other Pro Fitness Program Centers. In this month's edition we look at some business tips from Jim Collins' Great by Choice to ensure you hit your 2015 Goals. Be sure to check out the PFP SMAC recipe for continued and consistent success and in the Tip of the Month we look at ways to manage and incentivize Trainers to achieve growth. 


December 2014 PFP News (.pdf, 176.4 KB)

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Pro Fitness Partners with IDEA Club Connect

Posted December 19, 2014 in News, Blog

Pro Fitness clubs now have access to an incredible education resource for their fitness business professionals. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association has created an outstanding web based platform called Club Connect. Our PFP Trainers now have access to over 10,000 professional articles, workout builders to design progressive programs that will get members results,  and unlimited CECs(continuing education credits) for all of the major fitness certification companies. The software keeps up to date records on all club fitness staff to ensure that certifications are valid and up to date. 

The organization has put together a very competitive rate for Pro Fitness Clubs, and already many of our organizations are raving about the value this brings to their Training Department which is then fully experienced by the personal training clients. Here is a testimonial from the Fitness Director of the River Valley Club Jennifer Karr Muzzey,

"Our 30 Trainers are thrilled with the easy access to free unlimited CEU opportunities. In just a couple of short hours we are learning and studying on a wide array  of fitness and health topics and earning credits towards our nationally recognized certifications at no cost. The workout builder option is exciting because we can capture photos and videos of our favourite mobility, flexibility, release and strength exercises and send them to our clients through social media and mobile devices. Trainers can share workouts and create standard templates for our various routines. This takes the guess work out for the client making their success inevitable."

Click on the PDF below for a more detailed look at the features and platform as we continue to invest in our PFP Trainers and make our program the leader in one on one personal training in North America. 


Club Connect Summary (.pdf, 1.3 MB)

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Transcend Running Movie Supported by Pro Fitness Program

Posted December 19, 2014 in News, Blog

Transcend is a feature length documentary featuring the inspiring journey of Wesley Korir, the Boston and LA Marathon champion who risks it all to help his people in Kenya. After winning several major American races, he risks it all to return to Kenya to help Kenyans to provide better lives for themselves. He then goes one step further and takes on a well financed party candidate to run for a seat in the Kenyan Parliament and becomes the first ever active athlete to hold a seat in Parliament. 

The film is produced by Michael DelMonte and Scott Montgomery. If Michael's last name sounds familiar to you, it's because he is the brother of industry fitness guru Vince DelMonte who was a PFP Fitness Consultant and Business Consultant and helped co author one of our training manuals for our fitness business professionals. Michael is a competitive Canadian marathon champion who has been featured in numerous running publications and combines his knowledge and passion for the sport with his talents to storytelling and filmmaking to produce what the Producer of Sea Biscuit and the Armstrong Lie calls "the greatest running film of our time". In addition bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, a competitive runner in his own right, is interviewed throughout the movie which includes a six minute bonus interview with him. 

If you are interested in setting up a screening of the movie or wish to buy a copy you can visit the official web site by Clicking Here. A portion of all  proceeds for the film go to a non-profit foundation focused on giving Kenyan children opportunities to excel in athletics, education and leadership. For me, Transcend is so much more than a movie simply about running and more about the importance of overcoming obstacles and working for something that is much larger than ourselves. It's a true story of courage, faith and the ability to transcend physical, emotional and political barriers to achieve greatness. Whether you are a business leader, sales or fitness professional or fitness club member, the lessons and values from this film will inspire and transform you. 

Jeff Russo

President - Pro Fitness Program

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