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Personal Training Newsletter June July 2014

Posted August 13, 2014 in News, Blog

Welcome to a double issue of the PFP News for June and July. Click on the PDF below to find out how your club and staff compared to other Pro Fitness Program Centers. In this month's issue, we take a look at a new excting feature in PFP Track allowing members to receive their consultations journals through our software. In the marketing tip of the month, we discuss how to access expired PT clients and to use a 3 letter writing campaign to get some of those clients back. Lastly, we look at the effectiveness of testimonials to help members move along the decision making cycle in order to commit to changing their lifestyle by examining the book Changing for the Good by Dr. James Prochaska.  


June July PFP News 2014 (.pdf, 1.2 MB)

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Personal Training Newsletter May 2014

Posted June 26, 2014 in News, Blog

Welcome to the May edition of the PFP News. Click on the PDF below to see how your club compared to other Pro Fitness Program Centers. In this month's issue we discuss the need for Fitness Consultants and Trainers to increase their role in terms of working with existing members and promoting their services outside the club. In addition, we break down the key components of the Member Assistance Session and announce some new updates to our PFP Track software. 


May 2014 PFP News (.pdf, 807.2 KB)

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New PFP Assessment Software Exactly What Fitness Club Members Need!

Posted June 12, 2014 in News, Blog

In 2013, The Pro Fitness Program started to explore ways to improve their fitness consultation and assessment process. The goal was to produce the most current and relevant assessment data to equip club members with the evidence and knowledge to improve their health and well being. As a company that has built its entire business on the core value that fitness club memberships only get members access to space, time and equipment, and not education, results and knowledge, it was imperative to upgrade our assessment standards to remain on the cutting edge and the leaders in results based fitness. 

After a lengthy search in both the U.S. and Canada for the leading authority in exercise physiology and research, we were fortunate to acquire the services of James Manson. Mr. Manson earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences , and a Master of Sciences in Exercise Physiology from York University. He has currently just completed his PHD in Exercise Physiology at York.  James is also the Senior Exercise Physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Toronto Canada and has extensive experience as a Fitness Consultant and Fitness Director assessing fitness club members and prescribing evidence based solutions and programs. 

In 2014, James began the process of developing a new assessment software tool for The Pro Fitness Program. Up to this point our consultation data was based on performance standards that rated clients in comparison to normative data in the their sex and age group. For example assessments like push ups, sit and reach and the vertical jump test were evaluated in terms of below average, fair, good and excellent, and based on how many could be completed, how far someone could stretch or the distance someone could move their weight from point A to B. The biggest change in the new assessment comparitive data is a move entirely away from performance based ratings to how the various screens relate to health benefits and risks. 

This is a major step in terms of The Pro Fitness Program's mission towards moving more and more towards the medical fitness model. As the leaders in this approach back in 1998 when the company was founded, we were the first organization to require a paid for fitness consultation with the purchase of a membership. In other words, we believe that we have a moral obligation as fitness business professionals to educate and sell clients something that actually works and gets them long term solutions. This new shift in relating the various assessment screens to low or high health risks speaks more to our demographic of clients who seek out help and information, and want to educate themselves in terms of solutions for a better quality life that extend far beyond esthetics.

As James is fond of saying, exercise is medicine, and in the current age where insurance companies are looking at areas like body composition and cardio vascular health to reduce insurance premiums, the new PFP assessment software and protocols will be the gold standard for providing evidence based data that will determine the ideal prescription to improved health benefits and reduced premiums. Most individuals are very familiar with investing in and tracking the performance of the Retirement Savings Plans, be it their 401(k) in the States or the RRSP in Canada. Yet how many have considered, making an investment in or tracking their RFP - Retirement Fitness Plan!

If you are a member of a Pro Fitness Program facility, book an appointment with one of their Fitness Consultants to determine what areas of your fitness put you in a higher health risk category and what areas you need to start working on. Even if you have had an assessment in the past, this is an entirely different focus and we have added in a serious of new assessments as well as a series of unique screens for senior populations. The new program will provide you with comparative data and charts over 4 different assessments conducted every 90 days. There is no pass or fail, and your initial assessment will simply be a benchmark to determine the best possible plan to getting you to improved and optimal health over a realistic period of time. Therefore, we highly recommend the annual consultation with four 90 minute consultations over the year, as the best investment you can make in the facility. 

 Click on the PDF below for a list of what is included in your Annual Health Related Fitness Assessment


  Health Related Fitness Assessment (.pdf, 187.3 KB)



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Personal Training Newsletter April 2014

Posted May 21, 2014 in News, Blog

Welcome to the April edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see how your club compared to other PFP Centers. This feature is only available to our clients and requires a password to view the document. Please email your PFP Business Consultant if you do not have access to your password.

In this month's issue we look at the new assessment program and the new required assessment tools. By starting to view and understand the consultation as healthcare and understanding exercise as a physical retirement savings plan, our organizations, more than ever, are the leaders in education and results based fitness. We also focus on the importance of fitness staff having set club hours for improved customer service and productivity. Check out our newest fitness organization to join the PFP group.


  April 2014 PFP News (.pdf, 255.2 KB)

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Personal Training Newsletter March 2014

Posted April 27, 2014 in News, Blog

Welcome to the March Awards Edition of the Pro Fitness Program News. Click on the PDF below to see how your club compared to other PFP Centers. Remember you will now need a password to access the document which was emailed with the previous newsletter. 

In this month's issue we feature our Award Winners for 2013 including Club of the Year, Fitness Director of the Year, Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer of the Year. Also read about which 2 new PFP facilities are off to an outstanding start. 


March 2014 PFP News (.pdf, 814.7 KB)


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Cleveland Clinic and Pro Fitness Program Assessment Workshop

Posted April 09, 2014 in News, Blog

On Sunday May 4th, 2014 from 10:30am -6:30pm Cleveland Clinic's Director of Exercise Physiology, James Manson, will be conducting a fitness assessment workshop at the Fitness Firm in Burlington Ontario. Click here for a complete bio on James. 

James has developed a new assessment software for the Pro Fitness Program combining the most recent science and data for both general and senior populations in the areas of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health. We have added some new functional screens and normative data that ranks health related risks as opposed to performance based standards. This will allow us to continue to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness community by providing the most current and relevant assessment standards in the entire fitness industry. The Cleveland Clinic charges in the neighbourhood of $3,000 for this assessment and the Pro Fitness Program is elated to bring this tool to our clubs and members. 


Click on the PDF below to register for the event through fax or email. A receipt will be emailed out once processed. We will require a minimum amount of club registrations to cover costs and will not process payments until that level is reached. 

Here is what is included in your fee:


  • A download link to the new assessment software for I-Pad or PC
  • A full day of assessment training for up to 10 employees per organization
  • A list of the required assessment tools to complete the new protocols
  • A link to training videos to complete some of the assessments


  Ontario Assessment Registration Form (.pdf, 195.9 KB)

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