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PFP Track is the leading customized personal training software in the fitness industry today. Numerous private fitness clubs continue to make the change from their existing club software to PFP Track to handle their complete personal training department operations.

PFP2_SchedulerThe number one reason cited by club owners for choosing PFP Track is the fact that it is designed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals and handles the real day to day needs of Trainers, Fitness Consultants and Fitness Directors.

The software is web based and is able to handle everything from scheduling, transactions, performance reports and payroll.

Employees are able to log in from any location and check their schedules as well as their earnings from sessions completed and commissions. The program has a unique payroll feature that tracks post dated payments on financed personal training packages. Think of the amazing benefits to be able to remunerate your staff as the funds become available with staff enjoying the huge benefits of ongoing residual income.

When you consider that PFP Track was customized around the most successful personal training business system in the industry, you quickly realize that no current software provider in the industry today can provide such an integrated tool that guarantees that you will increase your personal training profit.PFP2_User

Our reports measure the success of areas such as personal training demos, member assistance sesssions, consultation closing percentages on initial and follow up consultations, floor sales, shared commissions, renewals and pending sessions. Unless you understand the business of personal training, these terms and concepts will be foreign, and you will be left with a program and software that has a bunch of features that doesn't help you grow your personal department into a real profit center.

The Pro-Fitness team consists of former health club owners, Personal Trainers, Fitness Consultants and Directors who have combined their numerous years of experience dating back to 1986 to come up with a system that works. Combine this vision and experience with a team of web developers who have developed some of the leading software systems for numerous industries and you end up with PFP Track.

Balance all of this with a network of hundreds of private fitness clubs in the USA and Canada who have used the Pro Fitness Program successfully and you have the leading network of personal training sales experts in the world.

PFP2_PurchaseIn the end who are you going to put your trust and confidence in when deciding on the company and software to manage your personal training department? If the choice comes down to software providers and tech companies or a team of fitness experts who have dedicated their entire career to focusing on nothing but developing and managing personal training sales systems, I think the choice will be an obvious one. Please contact us for a free demo.

Phoenix Fitness achieves Highest Single Day Personal Training Sales - $79,772!
River Valley Club 2000 Members - $2.7 million US annual PT Sales!
Cassie Armstead at the River Valley Club makes Largest Single PT Package Sale - $10,584
PFP Track, our leading-edge software package, tracks every detail of your PT department - online. Read more.
Matt Verboom records the highest PT Renewal Sale at 300 sessions for $13,500
RVC's Wayne Burwell completes 239 PT One Hour Sessions Trained in a single month!
PT Dept Single Month Renewal Sales $196,341 -Athletic Club Guelph
Highest Single Month Sales by a Trainer -Christian Stoneman - Athletic Club Guelph -$42,566!
Highest Annual PT Sales 2.7 Million -River Valley Club 2017
$251,000 single month PT sales -Phoenix Fitness 2009
2,084 Sessions Trained in 2009 - Matt Verboom Athletic Club
Single Month FC Sales $69,849 Susan Burr Pumps Real Fitness for Women
2015 Annual Fitness Consultant Sales Record Susan Burr $430,872
$900,000 in PT Sales in 2015 for 12,000 square foot Pumps Real Fitness for Women
Opti Life Kansas $143,000 in PT Sales in New Club Opening Pre-Sales March 2018!
Northeast Fitness Quincy $159,776 in PT Sales 1st Month May 2018

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