For the first time ever, The Pro-Fitness Program is available and truly accessible to fitness companies of all sizes and scopes. Whether you own a large footprint multi-sport complex or a small Personal Training Studio, the world's leading fitness club operating system is a perfect match for your fitness company. Please contact us for further details and pricing information.

Regardless of which program you choose, remember that you maintain full ownership and we utilize your existing staff. Your club continues to have full financial control of all transactions. You can start any of these programs with as little as one monthly payment and will be generating an immediate increase in revenue to more than cover your monthly payments.  


Standard Pro-Fitness Program

This is the PFP at it's core. For the company that is strong in implementation and has top level management in place, you can receive all training on line and save daily in club consulting rates as well as travel and accomodation. This includes:

  • Full Pre-Launch Checklist
  • 8 Hours of phone support to set up the program
  • Pro-Fitness Program Operating Manual
  • Pro-Fitness Program Personal Training Sales Manual
  • Pro-Fitness Program Sales Training Videos
  • Media Kit of easily customizable internal marketing pieces including instructions
  • 1 Hour Performance Evaluation and Operating Notes at the end of the first full month
  • PFP Track web based software system and support
  • Access to all printed materials at a wholesale rate
  • Eligibility for Club and Individual Year End Awards
For all Standard Pro-Fitness Program clients, In Club Consulting and Training is available at a preferred daily rate as needed. At least 2 months notice is required. In addition, hourly phone and email support above the initial 8 hours is availalbe at an additional rate. 

Co - Management Program

The majority of our PFP Clients choose this option for ongoing support and more hands on management during the initial pre launch, initial consulting term and ongoing years. This full service installation will ensure that your organization will attain the highest level of performance in the shortest amount of time and continue to improve year upon year. 

  • Full Pre-Launch Support 6 - 8 weeks of unlimited phone and email conferences.
  • 3 Year Business Plan and PT Revenue Projections.
  • Pro Fitness Program Operating Manual.
  • Pro Fitness Program Sales Training Manuals.
  • Pro Fitness Program Sales Training Videos.
  • Unlimited PFP Track software system and support.
  • Pro Fitness Program Human Resource Manual with protocols and pay structures.
  • Media Kit of Co-branded internal marketing pieces.
  • Access to printed materials at wholesale rates.
  • Subscription to the PFP Newsletter which offers management tips, club and staff rankings and elibibility for our year end staff awards. 
  • Monthly sales bonus on cash sales for personal training beyond year two ensures maximum support and involvment from PFP Business Consultants.
  • Unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of the agreement.
  • Exclusivity agreement in your market.
  • 4 days of in club consulting each year.
  • Consulting support on Membership Systems and Sales for lifetime of agreement.


Phoenix Fitness achieves Highest Single Day Personal Training Sales - $79,772!
River Valley Club 2000 Members - $2.2 million US annual PT Sales!
Cassie Armstead at the River Valley Club makes Largest Single PT Package Sale - $10,584
PFP Track, our leading-edge software package, tracks every detail of your PT department - online. Read more.
Matt Verboom records the highest PT Renewal Sale at 300 sessions for $13,500
RVC's Wayne Burwell completes 239 PT One Hour Sessions Trained in a single month!
PT Dept Single Month Renewal Sales $196,341 -Athletic Club Guelph
Highest Single Month Sales by a Trainer -Christian Stoneman - Athletic Club Guelph -$42,566!
Highest Annual PT Sales 2.2 Million -River Valley Club 2015
$251,000 single month PT sales -Phoenix Fitness 2009
2,084 Sessions Trained in 2009 - Matt Verboom Athletic Club
Single Month FC Sales $69,849 Susan Burr Pumps Real Fitness for Women
2015 Annual Fitness Consultant Sales Record Susan Burr $430,872
$900,000 in PT Sales in 2015 for 12,000 square foot Pumps Real Fitness for Women

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