"The program requires lots of preparation but the PFP system certainly works! We've had fantastic results in a very short period of time. I wish we had Jeff's system 25 years ago when we got into the business as I'd probably be retired by now. Many thanks to Jeff, Rob and Cassie."

Al Tassel - Club Owner                                                                           781-245-0677                                                                                Pumps Real Fitness for Women                                                                 Wakefield, MA



"The PFP has been the best investment Cedardale has made in years! It has raised the level of expertise in our Personal Trainers and created a new excitement around our club. The process has brought us a new level of standard in training, motivating and tracking our new and existing member's progress. Jen and Jeff's continued support, monitoring and ongoing training secures continued success for Cedardale and the PFP Program. As a bonus we fully expect the PFP to have a positive effect on our member retention." 

  Ada McKenzie - Club Owner                                                                      978-373-1596                                                                                     Cedardale Health and Fitness                                                                     Haverhill, MA                                                                                                      


 "The Pro Fitness Program Has completely transformed our Club! Pro Fitness offers our members a unique and complete way to access their health progress, recognize their wellness needs and set realistic goals. Pro Fitness has more than doubled our personal training revenue and offered our Trainers a sustainable income stream. Jeff and Jen support our staff and provide strong leadership to keep our program growing."

 Cindy Curley - Club Owner                                                                        978-537-8387 ext 114                                                                            Orchard Hills Atheltic Club                                                                       Lancaster, MA 


 "With the PFP in place our club has achieved over 150% growth IN THE FIRST YEAR!

Jeff's team, and The PFP have done so much for our club. As an owner, I have developed the ability to manage the numbers with a full understanding. My PT team and consultants have never been happier, making excellent money and developing full time careers. We have set the standard in our small community of 45,000 with 8 health clubs, as the AUTHORITY in health and fitness.

I am excited entering our 2nd year of the program to see growth from our $170,000.00 to $250,000.00. That's right...a quarter of a million!!! Not bad again for a small town and only being 5,000 sq. feet.

This has been the greatest investment our club has EVER made!"

Dave Miller - Club Owner
Performance Fitness and Training
Chatham, Ontario

"The Pro Fitness Program represents the next step in the evolution of health and fitness clubs.

Clubs should be setting a goal of 50% of their overall revenue from personal training. Right now the River Valley Club is at 42% after five years with The Edge. We'll be at 50% soon. And beyond that, our members could not be happier. Personal training clients get results and they become ambassadors for our club."

Joe Asch - Club Owner
River Valley Club
Hanover, New Hampshire

"With the Pro-Fitness system we now have a more effective sales department, excellent member services and our personal training department is committed to getting results. The tracking has really helped us identify problem areas quickly. After 25 years in business this program has helped us take our club to the next level"

Marty and Sherry Hodgson - Club Owners
Popeye's Gym
Kitchener, Ontario

"The PFP has changed Vermont's view on Personal Training forever. The PFP Program and the people who brought it to us have changed the lives of 3 fitness clubs, hundreds of employees and thousands of members. To those who need more reassurance that this program does really work, call me anytime.

I can honestly say they have changed my way of life, so thanks guys!"

Caleb Vallencourt - Club Manager
The Edge Sports and Fitness
Burlington, Vermont

"I believe that the Pro-Fitness Program has saved this business; I can't state it more simply.

We are located on an island with a community of 20,000 with a lot of competition. I realized early on that we could not exist on membership dues alone and researched ways to build internal sales. The Pro-Fitness Program has made personal training the focus of our organization which has helped us define our business as the club to belong to on the island."

Michael Rosenthal - Club Owner
Island Fitness
Seattle, Washington

"The expertise of the Pro-Fitness business consultants along with their love and enthusiasm of the fitness club industry was instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome for Club Meadowvale.

Jeff, Murray, Stacy and Jon are dedicated, professional, motivated, hard working individuals that provide a quality of service bar none"

Elaine Stover - Director
Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Center
Mississauga, Ontario

"CLUBFIT struggled for years to make our Personal Training program a success. The PFP provided an exceptional program and training that propelled our five clubs to over 40 trainers and $2 million is PT sales.

The system works - and I would highly recommend The Pro Fitness Program services."

Dave Hardy - President
780-953-4273 ext. 233

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Having entered only the second month of using the PFP program, I keep asking myself, where would I be today had I implemented this program 4 years ago when I first heard about it.  This month our gross sales will almost triple our previous best month.  Having said that, why would anyone object to the implementation of this program?"

Kelvin Galbraith - President
The Fitness Firm
Burlington, Ontario

"In only our second year with the program our personal training sales have increased by 300%. More than that, our entire club culture has changed from just selling memberships to focusing on education and results."

Tom Oakley -Owner
Laconia Athletic Club
Laconia, NH

"Jeff you were a big hit! You were a fantastic Key Note speaker and received rave reviews on the Conference evaluation forms. You provided a great deal of information to the attendees and you certainly held their interest. We would love to have you back as a speaker. Thanks again for your inspiring presentation."

Jan Woodman, NEHRSA Executive Director                                                       Boston MA  800-228-4772 ext 115

Phoenix Fitness achieves Highest Single Day Personal Training Sales - $79,772!
River Valley Club 2000 Members - $2.2 million US annual PT Sales!
Cassie Armstead at the River Valley Club makes Largest Single PT Package Sale - $10,584
PFP Track, our leading-edge software package, tracks every detail of your PT department - online. Read more.
Matt Verboom records the highest PT Renewal Sale at 300 sessions for $13,500
RVC's Wayne Burwell completes 239 PT One Hour Sessions Trained in a single month!
PT Dept Single Month Renewal Sales $196,341 -Athletic Club Guelph
Highest Single Month Sales by a Trainer -Christian Stoneman - Athletic Club Guelph -$42,566!
Highest Annual PT Sales 2.2 Million -River Valley Club 2015
$251,000 single month PT sales -Phoenix Fitness 2009
2,084 Sessions Trained in 2009 - Matt Verboom Athletic Club
Single Month FC Sales $69,849 Susan Burr Pumps Real Fitness for Women
2015 Annual Fitness Consultant Sales Record Susan Burr $430,872
$900,000 in PT Sales in 2015 for 12,000 square foot Pumps Real Fitness for Women

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